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A (very) short poll-post
2010/02/23, 3:15 am
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[Stay with me people, I have been so wrapped up in worrying about Jack Bauer that my collumn has suffered!]

I am giving serious thought to this “SkyMazeGraze” idea.

How many of you out there would be interested in an educated guide to Skywalk Cuisine?

This is a real question to which I expect tens of answers. Seriously, leave me a comment, give me some motivation to ‘get up in there’ and show you the Skywalk’s stuff.

Here’s a fun game for you to do while you ponder whether or not this Cook should eat his way around the Maze for your benefit. I like to call this the Tour De Pizza. See how many places on the skywalk you can hit for one slice of pizza in one lunch break. It is a fun game.

And seriously, I want some answers.

Stay tuned for my ‘coverage’ of last week’s Cityview awards and the upcoming Beloved Blue Ribbon Baconfest (an event which sold out in 25 minutes. Paul McCartney didn’t even sell that fast last time in town.).

The Cook


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I’m interested! I think we don’t give enough attention to our skywalk. There are hidden gems within!

Comment by maria

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