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The Occasionally Awarded LocallyGrown20 Food Critics Poll Edition Part 1
2010/02/26, 6:01 am
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What IS a LocallyGrown20?

It IS my attempt at possibly clearing up the slop called opinion polls. It is not really an opinion poll as under normal circumstance it would just be MY opinion and no poll needs to be conducted for that. There are no real rewards to those chosen or to those doing the choosing (except for the extreme personal satisfaction of making decisions and having them posted on the Interrwebb or having your name plastered all over the interdork for tens of people to see of course), and the list will happen at random intervals as I, or maybe as suggestive (like idea for a list, not wink wink nudge nudge) readers, see fit. An LG20 is a list of 20, Twenty, of the best whatevers according to me or a specially chosen “theme pannel” of my…choosing.

So for this installment I have chosen a very specific group to prod, DSM’s Food Critictistas.

A number of our elite Food Writing Types have been posed this question:


What will they choose? Will this be honest answers time, or will we just see a pander-burger-helper to their readers’ poll results?

Where do they all go when eating out off the clock?

I bet you are all on the edge of your eating-seating apparati in anticipation. You will (maybe) not disappointed.

Sing out loud to the tune of famous Gloved Ground Cow Box Meal theme

“Pander-burger helper
Helps your panderer
Help you
Pick a great meal”

Hearts n Stuff,

The Cook


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Hey. I’m a Food Writing Type. Why wasn’t I asked for my top 20? (Oh, maybe I’m not elite enough?)…I will give you my honest answers. Promise.

Comment by Datebook Diner

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