Locally Grown


Everyone go grab some snacks, because I will be back soon. I am recovering from our #1 amateur drinking holiday of the year, Wednesday.

But a small report:

Downtown Des Moines was bustling with numerous a-holes hosed down in green garb (also with many nice families celebrating the tradition with their loved ones) running around claiming Irish heritage while sucking down an assortment of green beer, Jameson, and the dreaded Car Bomb. It was quite a sight. I gathered with a few accomplices on bikes to join in the festivities and to bear witness to the spectacle. Beer tents were nearly impenetrable, the Locust Tap was almost as packed, Court Avenue was merely meh, but 4th Street was the place to be. A new sports bar with “all you can drink” for 10 bucks was belching and puking out some of the most amazing D-baggery seen since Friday. Fights, fights, a dude punched out the rear window of an SUV, driver of said SUV tried to run over Mr. Fists. The ATM outside the Royal Mile was abused. Aaaaanannnnnd…..

Chef Andrew Meek hosted a special dinner at Sbrocco. Did anyone attend? Were there any fights?

I am suprised there weren’t more special dinners for St. Pat’s, but then again I didn’t see many people eating.

With that said, I will get back to my recovery diet of Vegetable broth, bananas, and grilled cheese, and will return to the interweb sometime Monday, March 22nd.

Hugs and stuff,

The Cook.


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