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Who the f%*#@ Told You That Was Acceptable???
2010/03/22, 9:02 pm
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I got a phone call from a friend the other day, a phone call that was about 5 minutes into said friend’s current nervous breakdown (this particular friend is always floating in a shallow pool of emotion waiting to surface, breathless with another emergency). I am all about shelling out some emotional support to friend in need, but the help needed in this situation was a little beyond my normal scope of empathy.

This friend was crying about his case of Fast Food Inevitability (or FFI). What is an FFI you ask? This is a condition wherein the subject, or VICTIM, can not decide where to eat and therefore inevitably ends up eating at some filthy national fast food conglomerate outlet. This habit, as you may have done been told before, takes money away from local economy and promotes low-wage employment. I am not here to debate world economy or living wage and there are many places to read about and discuss such matters on the Great InterWeb SuperInformationHighway.

MY problem with FFI is this:

There are numerous information outlets to inform you, the possible FFI Victim, of fabulous local eateries at which to dine. There is also a WIDE RANGE OF AFFORDABILITY to be had within the local dining scene wherever you are. You also may be able to find similar, albeit better quality, food to that which you would “dine” on at said Fast Food Centers.

Breathe. Breathe.

Why the F@#% are you, the Diners, driving past some good local food in favor of this swill? Does that Angus Burger® really make you feel good about yourself? Who taught you to be so lazy? Why are you ignoring all the people out there who work so hard to inform you of local dining? I tell this to my “friend” and this is his response:

I don’t know! I just don’t know!

So if you are one of those people who says I don’t know” and just keeps driving on to the next McWhatever, I have one thing to say to you:

Who the F#$@ told you that was acceptable?

Do some research, hit those local spots, spend your money in your town, support the businesses and don’t succumb to the dreaded FFI.

All it got my friend was a nervous breakdown and another cheeseburger combo in the belly.


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Love it. If you wish, check out my weekly post entitled “Why eat at a chain Wednesday,” where I feature a local restaurant with mostly this same theme.

Comment by Pete Jones

I say if you’re going to crab about people eating fast food, you might offer some of your favorite alternatives–that is, what is it that’s driving people to these places? Cheap and fast–sometimes that’s what we need.

A few good alternatives to fast food franchises: Taco Loco (almost as good as Tacos Marianas, but Mariana’s food isn’t fast….at Taco Loco, you order at the counter, so it’s faster). Ted’s Coney Island (a good option for drive-through junkies!). Ghazhali’s near Drake. And if you have 30 minutes, you can have an amazing buffet lunch at Indian Grill on the skywalk.

Comment by Datebook Diner

My point wasn’t necessarily to “crab walk” all over the everyday consumption of fast food, but to instill some hope in those guilt-ridden few who have good intentions and zero follow-through.

FFI is all about that person driving around a city wanting to try the local fare but giving up and hitting that drive through at BurgerSwing or PacoJohn’s. They had intended on doing the “right thing” but inevitably gave in to conditioning and failed themselves.

I didn’t list local food options because I am trying to encourage people to utilize local food writers’ writings (and I may be grossly contradicting myself in doing so) and to have a sense of adventure.

I will write further on this subject, but until then check out Pete’s Blog “Why Eat At A Chain Wednesday”


Comment by locallygrown

…So who are all these writers? I agree it sounds more like you’re griping than “instilling hope.” Which, you know, is funny and all, but not helpful.

Comment by Steph A

Steph A thank you for your comment. You are very right on many notes. #1 griping is funny, even when I do it. #2. the phrase “instilling hope” should never be used EVER in this Blog. #3. I am being more of a prodding nuisance than a helpful voice. Lastly #4. Griping about griping is nearly as funny as the original griping.

I am getting more and more feedback from readers such as yourself wanting more than just a poke in the noggin and a quick guffaw. This leads me to believe it may be time for more than just humor – once in a while.

I am currently writing a follow up on this fast food subject (as stated in my last comment) which will be semi-informative at best but will appeal to those more inquisitive readers. In the mean time, our Datebook Diner has offered up some great suggestions above (I agree with all of them).

As far as who “all these writers” are, I don’t know. Local papers house the “pros” while the interweb has a giant stable of yelpers, urban spooners, and Google-ists just waiting to impose their “knowledge” of food on your dining habits. Caution should be used when reading internet reviews, as they are padded by disgruntled employees, marketing people blowing smoke, and other such hooligans.

Steph A, I will certainly address your concerns in a timely manner. Once again thank you for your comment.

Comment by locallygrown

I think any way I want to spend my dollar is acceptable.

Especially at Popeye’s, love that spicy chicken!

Comment by peeps

It’s interesting that you tell us to do our research and then say that many times it can’t be trusted. And if you’re not offering helpful information aren’t you falling into the “fluff” category?

Comment by maria

You can trust doing research such as “search engining” a location, but trusting the reviews on internet user-review sites is not always advisable. Fact vs. Opinion. Heck, even professional reviews can be fairly B.S. laden.
This is what I do: I keep my eyes and ears open, read about food both local and beyond, and when something interesting comes around I go there. If I have no location info I look it up.

As far as me being fluff…are you calling me fat?

Comment by locallygrown

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