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I promised myself to quit promising myself to do things a long time ago, right after I swore to never change (after reading some old yearbooks and listening to Billy Joel’s “Just The Way You Are” on repeat).

Fast forward/rewind to yesterday, April 8th. As I stood in the basement of the Polk County Courthouse during a tornado drill mulling over what to write next week the promise and the swear cancelled each other out causing me to promise to change. This blog will be updated at least twice weekly (not including holiday tidings). This is a big change and as it is in print, it kinda stands as a promise. I relish the moments we have together each week and AT LEAST doubling those good times sounds like a win/win sitch for everyone (except you, the reader). So look for posts on Modays and Thursdays and possibly some other days.

Moving on, I am pleased to see our Illustrious Datebook Diner has taken my advice and started her Bahn Mi quest. (Also pleased to see that darn witty blog title!) The Diner wants some more help finding DesMoines’ illusive and illustrious Vietnamese “delicacy.” I have the lockdown on pretty much every Bahn Mi in town but would like you, my tens of readers, to throw out some ideas. You can leave you suggestions here, or email them directly to the DD at Datebookdiner@aol.com. Help this Francophile undestand what happened when the French got imperial all over Southeast Asia’s um…butts. Also, maybe someone could offer up some photography advice/lessons. DD Needs help, or maybe for GANNET to assign her a dedicated photographer. “Arturo, whatcha doin for lunch?”

And Furthermore, I will have the results of the long awaited and possibly long forgotten Locally Grown Occaisionally Awarded Top 20 Food Critics Edition Poll. You won’t be shocked by the results, the results will be shocked by you (reading them).

Randomly Yours,

The Cook.


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I in no way condone imperialism, French or otherwise. That imperialism comment should have read “…when the French brought their beloved baguette to the fine people of Vietnam, melding culture and cuisine in this tasty sandwich.” I apologize for sounding a little Hannity/Limbaugh-ish.

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