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Locally Grown Top 20 Food Critics Edition Results!!!
2010/04/12, 9:18 pm
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(Yesterday’s version of this blog was fouled by someone’s lack of editorial expertise. Our regular editor is back today and has fixed the problem)

This is it, the moment you haven’t been waiting for but none-the-less have stumbled upon and/or been sucked into! It it time for the LG20 Food Critics edition.

Here’s how it worked: A small number of individuals who either are Pro Food Writers, Semi-pro Food Writers, or whom I feel are qualified to exert their opinion on local dining were contacted via e-mail asking for a list of the Top 20 Restaurants in the Des Moines Dining Scene. I was assured by most that their list could change from day to day due to new restaurant openings, chef/management changes, and changes in overall dining experience (service/food/prices on internet menus). I like that some of the selected get out and do this on their own dime, that shows some real loyal dedication to eating locally. I also have respect for those who have expense accounts and get paid to write, having the dedication to spend years sampling all menus good and bad as they pop up in our fair Whack-a-Mole of restaurants. I know these people “keep it real” while dining on their own dime. Thank you for that dedication.

I promised to keep all personal lists anonymous so there will be no razzing of certain individuals for their choices (Sorry, DD).

Now, let’s stop all this boring nonsense and get to the point!

This, my tens of readers, is what I like to call the

“Locally Grown Ocaisionally Awarded Top 20 Restarants Food Critics’ Edition”

1. Centro
2. Django
3. Cafe Di Scala

The top three were practically unanimous, occupying almost every list. These are as one reviewer put it “the go-to spots for almost any occaision.”

4. Bistro Montage
5. Alba
6. Sam&Gabes
7. Azalea
8. Sbrocco
9. Miyabi 9
10. La Pizza House
11. Open Sesame
12. Star Bar
13. Adong
14. La Pena
15. Lucky Dragon
16. Gateway Market Cafe
17. Tandoor
18. Dos Rios
19. La Rosa
20. La Mie

These are the top 20 restaurants our food reviewers and other experts would have you visit. This is a pretty wide swath (although a little Italiocentric) of the cuisines served up in this town. Go forth and sample the fine food at all of these establishments.

Some Honorable Mentions: Namaste, Le’s Chinese BBQ, Pho All Seasons, Art Center Cafe, Woody’s Smoke Shack, and Le Jardin.

There it is in all of its glorious grandosity.

If you would like me to list more information on each restaurant, please complain in the comments and I will get right on it. OR since you are probably on the internet, use your favorite search engine to find each spot then bookmark it.

Xxx ooo

The Cook


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So, how many were in the poll? Just curious.

I’d love to see some locallygrown analysis on how this differs from the Metromix poll….it’s notable that Latin King didn’t make this list, but was high and mighty on the Metromix list.

Any other things you notice? Do you trust this list more/less because it’s from known sources?

Comment by Datebook Diner

I can’t believe Proof didn’t make this list. I always send out-of-towners there.

Comment by maria

I was shocked proof didn’t make it too, but that is how the experts voted. I am not sure where it would fall on my personal list either.

Comment by locallygrown

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