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Out of the office…
2010/04/17, 11:45 pm
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It looks like I have MADE SOME BIG MESSES that need some attention! Oh Stuff! Unfortunately I am out of the office until Tuesday, April 20th so this blog will just have to be the proverbial outhouse with sh!t piling up.

I will throw out one apology to any luminaries or other readers whom I misguided regarding Banh Mi being (not) sold at Pho Hadao. I am very sorry to have slipped on my facts, as I trusted t someone’s word and didn’t ride the Cookmobile (My Bicycle) over and investigate myself. That is poor technique and the further I get into writing the less I can use the “oh, I’m not a writer excuse.” I understand that any true writer worth their salt would be as incensed about such folly as I would be if I came over to their house for Osso Bucco and they DIDN’T BOTHER BROWNING THE SHANKS leaving you with some kinda tasty, gray, boiled meat which is pretty much them leading me on a wild goose chase for a great classic dish but instead showing their POOR TECHNIQUE AND GENERAL MISUNDERSTANDING OF COOKING WHICH HAPPENS TO BE MY CHOSEN PROFESSION. Of course, no one has actually invited me over for dinner, but I constantly invite people to read my words and I should REALLY DO IT CORRECTLY OR JUST GO BOIL SOME MEAT (or vegetables if you are so inclined)

Ok, I am saying too much for being “out of the office.”

I am sorry, so is Bathory. I will return after I figure out how to ride my bike another 131.78 miles back to Les Moines, which will hopefully be before Tuesday.


The Meat Boiler of Writers.


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