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I Heard A Rumor…
2010/04/28, 2:34 pm
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First off here I would like to address a few issues brought up by you tens of readers and my editor, Bathory (who’s job is on the line due to budget cuts and incessant napping throughout the “work” day).

1. Helpfulness- ok, I got it meow. Uh, now. From here on if there is an actual factual piece of information such as an address or hours of operation I will do us all a favor and list it. As Bathory put it in our latest late-night sense-talking-into session, “Why would meow send people to another site meow find information they could see right meow?” And to this I say “OK.”

2. My Employment As A Writer- Many of you out there (3 or 4. Or maybe 4 or 3) will be shocked to find out that I do not get paid in any way to write this little gem. Every so often I someone will recognize me and proffer up a drink, once I scored a free sandwich. I guess that with reader sponsorship I have earned about fifteen bucks. VERY LUCRATIVE. So while you food writer(s) are out there telling me what a hack “job” I am doing with the fact checking and whatnot, the only support I have on this end is a fat orange cat who naps all day with one paw over his eyes because he can’t bear to watch me write yet another factually taint(ed) piece of literary filth, foul mouthing foodies.

3. Seitan Banh Mi- Some of you who know me in the non-cyberspace real world know of my Vegan-izing of culinary classics. One of these classics is a seitan Banh Mi. I am currently without a restaurant to host said sandwich so I leave at least two of you a little dissapointed. I am in talks with a few places and it may be a reality sometime this summer, or as said before if enough people are interested I could whip up a few. Oh, the Pate is mushroom based.

Ok, I hope that clears up a few issues for those of you with concerns.

And now for the (not-so) rumors…

Cafe Di Scala will be hosting a “Beatles Brunch” the first Sunday of each month beginning this Sunday, May 2nd at 10am. Reservations may be a smart move. They are located at 644 18th St. In Sherman Hill. http://www.cafediscala.com

Chef George Formaro will be featuring Mexican street food at his booth at the Downtown Farmer’s Market (which begins THIS SATURDAY).

Chef Hal Jasa is still working on opening his spot, Homage, which will feature almost exclusively locally grown meats/vegetables/dairy.

A certain local food blogger may be teaming up with a local grower for something special.

Sake 21 was shut down due to having too much fun and has been replaced with Hoshi (23rd&University, DSM).

And finally, has anyone heard what Jeremy Morrow has been doing? That has been the number two question I have been asked, right below “how long did it take to grow that beard?”

Well, it’s time for me to once again do something other than pollute the Blog-o-Sphere.


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Hey–don’t feel bad about not getting paid for your work…All foodies who write often write lots of stuff for free. Especially when you’re just starting out.

Your blog cracks me up….and I love your cat.

Comment by La Bonne Femme

I am not too worried about not getting paid, I don’t get paid for many things I enjoy doing, such as mowing the lawn, cooking at home, and growing a beard (although it has earned me the occasionsal drink). Maybe someday a publication will come around and feel that my brand of spastic writing and mostly directionless humor would be a good fit, and they would also be looking for a Feline Editor at the same time. It could happen.

Bathory and I thank you for your readership and appreciation. And that one time you “got” me!

Comment by locallygrown

What other classics have you veganized? And please tell me the seitan you use is not the premade spongey stuff.

Comment by maria

I always make my own Seitan. That commercial stuff is nothing but a nasty salt sponge.

I have veganized “Philly Steaks”, BBQ Pulled “pork” sandwiches, Chicken Fried Seitan Steaks w/country gravy, Carne Asada, “eggs” benedict, Quiche, Cheesecake, Cassoulet, Home-made “tofurkey” (roasted in bean curd skins, very convincing texture and flavor), Mac and Cheese, Vegan Biscuits and Gravy, to name a few.

Comment by locallygrown

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Comment by Green Living

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Comment by offindrix

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