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Farmers Food Court and Dog And Craft Show.
2010/05/01, 5:55 pm
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Locally Grown’s Downtown Farmer’s Market Report

1. Last year it was all Pregnant Women and Puppies, this year it is Babies and Dogs. Seems nature is taking its natural course.

2. The ratio of big sunglasses to gladiator sandals is still 1.28 to 1.

3. There is still only one real breakfast burrito joint, but Sbrocco and a few others are still trying to convince people otherwise.

4. George Formaro’s Street Food Stand was just chorizo and egg tacos. I expected something more exciting. (Although I couldn’t get on due to confusion, I hear they were tasty).

5. Produce not grown locally was generally labeled as so, also saw a “We Grow Our Own Produce” stand which kicks ass. I like that attitude, keep it up.

6. People looked happy and satisfied. That is really the important part.

Overall quite overwhelming for a guy who prefers small gatherings to huge crowds, but what a beautiful day for some meandering and dog watching.

Market Tip: if you want to get the best produce, show up EARLY. I didn’t!

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There were still a shitload of pregnant women. But, surprisingly, it wasn’t all white people. For god’s sake, I hate it when it’s all Beaverdale people looking questioningly at suburbanites who trekked in.

I had some food stand that had Gateway Market branding. Don’t think that was Formaro’s, where was his set up? The chorizo/egg taco I had possibly had a homemade or heretofore uneaten chorizo recipe: it was kind of sweet.

It was way, way fucking crowded.

Comment by Miguel H.

Yes, Miguel, the Gateway Market stand was Formaro’s “street food” stand. As mentioned I couldn’t quite get a taco (the customers and workers all seemed to be staring off into different sectors of outer space like a flock of inter-galactic seagulls waiting for a star to fall), but I did get a chance to taste George’s chorizo last week at Cochon555. Hmmm…that didn’t sound right. I mean I ate his taco last…shit. Spent too much time in kitchens this week! You get the idea. Even the Illustrious Datebook Diner was singing praises of the GF/GWMFMECT’s (George Formaro/Gateway Market Farmer’s Market Egg Chorizo Tacos). In fact I am jealous of her experience, or her ability to withstand the B.S. of 14,000 mostly white people stopping, starting, stomping, and strutting all at once. Good job, DD.

And yes, there were a “shitload” of pregnant women (Shitload is a measurement just shy of a shit-ton and approximately half a Fuckload). Who will all be pushing our next generation of (hopefully) local consumers in strollers by this time next year. Big Props to all the pregnant women at the Market. Braving the crowds and being uncomfortable to participate is applaudable. I can’t hardly take the crowds and I am merely fat, but still eating for two.

Miguel, I bid you good day.

Comment by locallygrown

had to go to iowa city’s farmer’s market this wknd, which was in a parking garage (!!!) but curious: what ever happened to the afghan food people? that shit was good.

Comment by anti jen

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Hahahahaha! I was just reviewing content and realized what an un-family-friendly bunch of comments were posted about this family and dog-centric event. WOW. All apologies to those who are offended by “strong language.” No apologies to those whom deem the actual content wrong. Meh.

Comment by locallygrown

Ugh the first farmers market was nuts. I should’ve learned from years past that the first weekend has mostly plants, little produce, and lots of yahoos who like to stop dead in the middle of the road.

Comment by maria

[…] Farmers Food Court and Dog And Craft Show. « Locally Grown […]

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