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The (You’re) Welcome Wagon Rides Again
2010/05/12, 3:19 pm
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Grumpy, rainy Wednesdays do nothing for creativity. My sheepish dog has been up panting all night due to the thunderstorm, and that pizza pinwheel roll I ate at 11pm is causing more harm than help. So…here it comes, the “One And Done Wednesday Gripes Awards.”

First off, a “well known food editor” (only known as “R”) and friend of our Illustrious Datebook Diner posed a question regarding keeping his fork during a fine dining meal and whether Des Moines is the only city this in which happens. DD states that even though our “R” friend has been in Our Fair City for an adequate time to understand its workings (and being a FOOD EDITOR should probably heighten his awareness of its restaurantly ways), that she still needs to explain how things work in the DSM. Balderdash! You can’t figure out why your fork is being stranded at your wrist-side as its companion plates and other silver are whisked off to the dish pit? (Fine dining, fork replaced at each course. Who left it behind? Was it a server?) Ok. You win. Another victory for Des Moines Food Critique-ist Elite.

Secondly, I would like to say a big LOCALLY GROWN YOU’RE WELCOME to said Datebook Diner for being the catalyst for her Banh Mi discovery. Flipside, I would like to thank her for reviewing Lucky Dragon in last week’s datebook. That dining establishment desereves and received a nice write up. Now who’s next?

I received a weird comment on my Farmer’s market review that was labeled as spam but was a “ping back.” It seems some people on Twitter thought poorly of my take on a grumpy Saturday morning spent being jostled and jammed up by 30,000 market goers. I admit, huge fan of local food (duh), not a fan of crowds of 30,000. (I even get a little queasy during screenings of Iron Maiden’s “Rock In Rio” when the cameras pan out over that crowd of 180,000 screaming fans)

On a not-so-gripey note, I will be announcing a collabo with a local plant-raising facility next week. I look forward to working with them to bring readers some actual helpful information and something that reads less like the gossip collumn in US Weekly.

There are my Wednesday morning gripes, now excuse me while I go put some water in Bathory’s dish.

Also, check out the “Why Eat At A Chain Wednesday” feature over at



The Cook


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I’d like to quick mention the 3/50 “Eat Down The Street” Project which encourages everyone to spend $50 at at least three locally-owned eateries/month. I printed off a free poster and hung it proudly in my East Village shop. It’s a great reminder and I explain it to everyone who asks. Great blog!

Comment by Chrissy jensen

Okay, you do get SOME credit for leading me to Banh Mi, but the first person to get me down that path was our friend and frequent blogger, Inthewater, who wouldn’t let my weary bones rest until I finally tried one of these things.

I also thank you for your fantastic “let ’em have it” comments about the fork issue on my blog (desmoinesregister.com/diner).

You put it well, and it’s especially nice when someone “inside the house” takes up the cause!

Comment by Datebook Diner

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