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The Print Press Posed Purported…Pressed In Print?
2010/05/14, 5:11 am
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I was recently contacted by a Very Nice Young Lady who is in the employ of a local weekly publication with a request to sit down for a bite to eat and a little Q’n’A session. It will be out sometime soon, and I seriously expect this to be a “reviewer retribution” type situation.

Great questions, a nice lunch at a local spot, and a chance for me to REALLY think about what the crap the whole point of this ranting and raving BS is trying to accomplish.

My question is this: What do you, my tens of readers, get out of this whole mess of run-on sentences and feline-regulated smart-assedness?

I can tell you what I get: some great comments, a few laughs, one free lunch, and 3 beers. Total satisfaction. Feels like living in a Foghat song.

More Tomorrow…all about French Food Hopping DSM (or DMI) Style.

Live from Carl’s Place,

The Cook


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Love it. Very well written, if albeit unintentional! Keep it coming.

Comment by Katie Brennan

That the lunch at Proof with Brianne, you are talking about?

Is this heaven? Nope, it’s Carl’s Place.

Stopped by on some recent holiday morning with my wife and we weren’t sure it was open. The man smoking on the back steps said,”Yep, it’s open…thank God” as we walked by. That pretty much sums it up.


Comment by Inthewater

That was indeed the Lunch with Brianne. Good time. We both seperately ordered the exact same thing. Falafel w/Carrot Soup. Very cute. Bri, thanks for a fun lunch.

Comment by locallygrown

What do we get out of this? Total entertainment, lots of laughs, a good cat-fix (my condo association nixed felines), a few good leads (when we don’t get bum-steered!), and a view from the kitchen. Seriously, it’s great to hear from someone within the industry. Keep it up.

Comment by Datebook Diner

Thank you, I appreciate the encouragement. I will continue bum-steering everyone when I see fit.

Comment by locallygrown

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