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The French Connector/A Tale Of Two Tastings
2010/05/17, 4:39 pm
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Last Wednesday a small group of chef-types took some time off to get out and “Get Frenched.” (Thanks for the rediculous ad campaign, Django). It’s a rare treat to enjoy a great dinner (Especially of this caliber) together with my fellow chefs rather than cook for others, so we made a real night of it.

The Targets: Bistro Montage and Baru66.

The Diners: Three Dudes with Appetites for Deconstruction.

The Goal: Get “Frenched”? (Although those ads are slightly funny, they pretty low-rent)

You are probably expecting me to give some Looooong synopsis on what went down during our outing, but I only offer this:

Cue up “New Kid In Town” by The Eagles

First stop was Baru66. The food was amazing, especially or first course and the Chef’s Amuse Buche offering for the night, Asparagus Creme Brule. The Stuffed Quail was also a standout along with both Pate’s we sampled. The atmosphere was a little cold for my taste and sorely lacking Newly-Crowned Chef Leon, but the food…oh the food. Lovely, precise, spot-on flavors, perfectly executed technique. Great Job, David, Mike, Bri, Nick, and Kelly. Pricing is as you would expect to pay for French Food of this Caliber, and if I had an expense account I would find reasons to review this place twice a month (also, if I was in fact a reviewer-type)

Second Stop, The Alpine to cleanse our palates then on to our Final French Destination:

Bistro Montage was in wind down mode, and we barely caught chef Enosh Kelley before he trotted off for the night (not to be confused with “foffing off”). Our server Ben readied a table as we talked shop with Enosh and verbally assaulted some familiar faces in the kitchen. The place was populated by a few tables of VERY happy people (always a good sign) who were swearing like baseball coaches and enjoying the evening. Enosh joined us and taught a little impromptu class on Sous Vide cooking and its benefits. The food here was also amazing. Sous Vide Pork Belly, super fresh vegetables, amazing pate’s (I was dining with a Pate Hound), great flavors and technique. We stayed a little late while finishing some bottles of wine and chatting with the staff. Overall a very warm, comforting experience that left us all as friends (our server even joined us at Carl’s for the post-game). We left as the patrons before us that night, happy, full, satisfied, and swearing quite a bit.

There has been talk of Baru Vs. Montage buzzing around the food scene since weeks before Baru’s opening and I would like to set the record straight-ish. In the words of one of my dining partners,

“The only losers in this are the people who don’t eat at both places”

Top notch job, everyone. Now go out and get…

Some beautiful french food. You deserve it.

The Cook


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The Alpine AND Carl’s.

Well done, Sir.

If you had to pick one of these for a “First French Restaurant Experience” which would it be?

Comment by Inthewater

Probably Carls.

Kidding, for a first French Experience I would definitely go with Baru66.

Comment by locallygrown

i believe i have heard this tale before. i think the story ends with shotgunning pbrs on the back deck. i could be wrong. that could be a different story. nicely done locally grown

Comment by easy p

Fun write-up. What a great thing to do–head out with cheffie types and eat and drink into the night. Is this what is known as a “busman’s holiday”?

You are wise not to get into the montage-vs.-baru debate. There is plenty of room in town for both. They showcase two different styles, anyway: Both are 100% French, both are refined, but Montage feels more traditional; Baru is more contemporary.

I’m also a huge fan of Le Jardin for it’s more casual, everyday appeal.

Comment by La Bonne Femme

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