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Locally Located News and Thanks.
2010/05/19, 4:58 pm
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First off today I would like to thank all of you who take time from your reading of other, more important publications such as US Weekly (always MY #1 news source) or anything owned by Gannett (my last resort) and spending that time with me. Seriously, I appreciate the readership, comments, and feedback. So…Thank You. I wouldn’t do it without you.

A SUPER BIG THANKS TO MY GOOD FRIEND AND FELLOW CYCLIST CRAIG L. FOR HIS SUPPORT OF THIS BLOG. Craig recently provided me with a laptop which will enable me to stretch this thing out a little bit. You see, I have written this blog solely on my HTC G1 Android phone with the WordPress To Go app up until this very post. Honestly, it gets pretty tiring tip tap typing away the day, thumbing my nose while thumbing my phone. Craig, you are a bad ass and I owe you big time. This means more photos, links, and fun. I think it will refered to as being “feature rich” or something. There are also two gentelmen out there who have volunteered to do some design (you know who you are) who I will be hitting up soon.

Some other fun news:

Timber Pine Nursery has chosen me to partner with them to provide recipes and tips for gardeners wanting to get the most out of their summer bounty. Check it out at www.timberpine.com

I have been interviewed, photogged, and further pressly treated by none other than Juice. Thank you Brianne “Falafel” Sanchez and Eric Rowley for the fun times. I am not sure when it “drops” or whether it is internet-only or in actual real-time print (I really tried to ask as few questions as possible, I LOVE SUPRISES), but I am sure it will be a hoot. I have suspended all griping about Juice food reviews until the article hits the stands.

Speaking of suspended…this morning I awoke to Bathory performing what seemed to be some kind “Feline Breath Stealing Ritual” on Mrs. The Cook. He has been put on administative leave pending investigation of this particular superstition. He claims he was just out of breath from jumping on the bed. Doubtful.

The Cook


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