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A Quick Question…
2010/06/02, 8:17 pm
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Does anyone go to the West Glen Farmer’s Market? I see that it directly competes with the Downtown Farmer’s Market time slot which seems kinda odd. Anyway, I have never attended the WGFM due to loyalty to the DTFM (and my love for enormous crowds), and am interested in any feedback you all may have.

Here is the picture painted in my mind…

Fancy Women with much smaller or conversely much larger dogs than those at the DTFM walking among other fancy people, shopping for handmade jewelry and handbags. Maybe one dude playing 90’s pop/rock tunes solo-acoustic style, one fruit cart, some people eating burritos, and a giant middle finger balloon facing east, towards the DTFM.

Seriously, I had that exact dream and need to know whether it is realistic or not!

Gravel-ly yours,

The Cook


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Heh. no idea, I would never go, because of most of the reasons you just mentioned. Been to quite a few other farmer’s markets around town, but that one just doesn’t appeal to me. Sounds like an excuse for people to go to Bonefish Grill or Cab West Glenn, something like that.

Comment by InthewaterDSM

You said it. Speaking of Bonefish Grill, they keep sending me mailers that DON’T EVEN INCLUDE A COUPON. They call me their “good friend” even though I haven’t been there EVER, then not even a financial incentive to subject my family to said nonsense.

Comment by locallygrown

What’s with the new layout? It’s weird…reminds me of when the Register shrunk to its current size (from the size of a traditional newspaper). Freaked me out for a while.

Anyway, no–not been to West Glen. Went to the Drake Farmer’s Market today to pick up my CSA bag. Very neighborhoody, though not tons to choose from this early in the growing season…looking forward to more….

Comment by Datebook Diner

The new layout is simply just to freak people out. I will not be increasing my daily issue cost by 50%.
I need someone to go to this thing and report back. I just can’t do it.

Comment by locallygrown

I went there once because I wanted to check out a sale at a store that was closing. It was at the same time as the market.
It actually seemed to have more stalls than the Ankeny farmers market that also competes with Downtown on Sunday.
I remember there was a stall at West Glen from something that also has a presence downtown (maybe the Mennonites?) because I remarked that the person looked really lonely out west all by himself.
There were a couple of produce stalls and prepared food.
Sorry, I don’t remember it that well and I’m not likely to return.
I’d rather go to the Drake market in my neighborhood (on Wen.).

Comment by annalyta

I’ve been to the West Glen Farmers Market. It’s useful for when I oversleep and miss the Downtown Farmers Market. I’ve also been known to go to both: downtown for my main supplies, and WG to visit the guy who sells 20lb crates of Amish-grown tomatoes for $5.

Anyway, your description is basically correct. Except there are almost no dogs. And it’s a fairly small market.

Comment by maria

I like the sound of 20lbs crates of tomatoes for $5.

Comment by locallygrown

DD–I went to the Drake Farmers Market, too, and I was quite pleased with the selection. While they might not have bok choy and sorrell like downtown, I was able to get cooler-season vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and the first local strawberries I’ve seen this season, all of which I have not yet seen at the DTFM.

And with these two comments, I’ve pretty much outed myself as a farmers market junkie. Ha.

Comment by maria

I’ve been a couple times when my work takes me through WDM on a saturday morning. The get the stalls lined up on the “fake main street” area. There is a gringo-owned taco vendor, and a bbq sandwich rig. What keeps me from going back is the same local rock band tuning up for ages.

Comment by tyrgyzistan

Que? Gringo tacos? No me gusta!

Comment by InthewaterDSM

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