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Today’s Lil Tidbits…

As mentioned yesterday, Pho All Seasons (1100 East 9th Street) will be closing at the end of this week. If you are into the Banh Mi your stomach is owed at least one, be it your first or last, trip to PAS for a #47 (a resounding favorite amongst my friends. Yes, I have friends!) Before the doors are closed.

And onother thing:

I would like to recognize Jim Duncan and his creation, CityView’s “Relish” for all that it is for local food community in The DSM, which is generally a reliable summary of local food happenings and gives a little exposure to those stuck in the kitchens making your food. Thank you, Mr. Duncan.

But I would like to award the (insert fanfare):

Locally Grown Occasionally Awarded “Bush League Food (un)Writer of the However Long It has Been Since The Last Time We Awarded This Award”

to Relish contributor Matt Miller for his Cavatelli “article” on page 10 of the Spring 2010 issue of said magazine. First off, the chef at Cafe Di Scala is Phil Shires, not Phil Shire. There is also no mention that the Cavatelli pasta served at the restaurants listed in the article is actually all HAND MADE at Cafe Di Scala. Hundreds of pounds a week are mixed, sheeted, and rolled by the staff of Di Scala and served at Centro, Ranallo’s, Di Scala, and sold retail at Taste Of Italy. In fact it seems Mr. Miller tried to imply this, but was too stuck in an eggshell-full of knowledge on the subject to pull it off. I would like a show of hands for anyone reading this who has ever mistaken Cavatelli for Casareccior can even give a description of said pasta without resorting to a well known search engine (as it seems Miller did for this article).
Way to nail it, Matt Miller. I am constantly ordering Casarecci accidently only to have my server pull out the “WikiPasta E-Flash Cards of Dismay” and lightly beat me about the head and neck area with said cards in a corrective fit. If only this wisdom had been imparted as a good shoe-tying lesson or multiplication table had in my early childhood things would be different.

Where was I?

I hope all of you have been flipping over to the TimberPine website to rip my recipes from the interweb’s virtual grip and cram them into your (or friends’/family’s) faces. I think about you all often, and what I would like to see you making for face stuffing/belly filling time. Humor this cook and check it out.

This is the part I had reserved to tell a story of a little local restaurant and an even dubbed as “40 Friday,” but it seems the Locally Grown Occasionally Awarded “Bush League Food (un)Writer of the However Long It has Been Since The Last Time We Awarded This Award” bit ran a little long. Too bad, it was actually funny.

Until our collective non-congruent cyberspace retinal candy provider brings us together again,

The Cook


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