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A special announcement…
2010/06/14, 10:39 pm
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First off, group blog EatLocalChallenge has posted a top something-or-other list on reasons to Eat Locally Grown (food, not the blog). I agree with all of their points, although I do feel they could have been a little more snarky. Whatever that means. Read more at: http://www.eatlocalchallenge.com/2006/04/10_reasons_to_e.html

Secondly, I am not feeling up to par so this week will be treated as a “bye.” I think that is a sports term where you have an off week, or no opponent or something. Locally Grown will return next week with some words on local events such as the Grand Opening of Mullets, Winefest, Vegetarian Stuff, and the triumphant return of currently reigning Southeast Asian Regional Karaoke Champion, Bathory, who will be back on the job until he leaves for the South American All-Inclusive Resort Karaoke Circuit this summer. Welcome Back, buddy. (He has been up all night working up his Portugese rendition of “The Unicorn Song” which may have had an hand in my current condition)

You can still find my weekly recipe contribution at the Timber Pine Blog.

See you next week,

The Cook


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Was just singing the Unicorn Song Friday night with Swing Crew down at People’s Backstage Bar. 🙂

I think you will find a lot about Mullets to love. Curious to see your opinion. Hope you get to feeling better.

Comment by InthewaterDSM

I love the Unicorn Song

Comment by locallygrown

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