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Credit or Debit, Nobody Rides For Fee

Last night as I watched “the Family Guy Movie” with Mrs. The Cook, Bathory, and our dog Mollie The Nervous, fictional fat guy Peter Griffin was throwing down rants on his news bit, “Grinds My Gears” (which this very blog sometimes seems to be patterned after) and MY gears started grinding. Do you wanna know what grinds my gears? Well, other than all of the other gripes that have been crapped out in our short 6 months together, that is.

This grinds my gears:

Restaurants that require their servers to pay the credit card fees incurred by their employers when patrons use their plastic. That’s right, the businesses you frequent are charged by the companies a percentage per transaction for the privelege of running up your debt, and a select few pass that fee on to their servers. Not only are these ambassadors of your business required to work for 4.35 an hour (ok, I realize that the final $ amount earned is MUCH more than that), but an additional tax on their tips is ludicrous, and a great way to say F%CK YOU to your employees.

Yes, I know what restaurants take part in this practice. No, I will absolutely not disclose their names. No hints either. Don’t ask. I am just throwing this out there, kinda like the Game 6 Celtics (I happened to be enjoying a fresh squeezed Salty Dog with said game playing directly in front of mine own two eyes) who seemed to be just tossing caution, balls, and their series lead to the wind. A long wind like this gripe.

Also, in the non griping category, Mullets is open. I had lunch there today. It was good. More on that tomorrow.

And finally, the Gateway Market Vegan Banh Mi “dropped” today. Duncan loves it, I think it’s ok, and now you can love it, too. I will have a second look at this puppy next week. It will be interesting to see the production version, aka not personally made by The Chef Formaro.

Oh, and this rain is really beating my tomatoes. Literally AND figuratively.

The Cook


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Cool beans, curious to see your opinion of Mullets. I was impressed by the amount of scratch made food there. Things like popcorn chicken that most places cut open a bag of frozen nuggets for, they make from scratch. Totally different taste that way.

Also, the double decker deck is wicked cool. 🙂

Comment by InthewaterDSM

I agree with you so far. It was nice to see everyone happy, and the Miller guys were whooping it up. I prefer a “party” atmosphere during lunch.

Comment by locallygrown

Okay. That’s nuts. Waiters have to pay the service fees incurred in the credit card charges? Listen if you are going to accuse places of doing that, you have to name names. It’s absolutely insane. If you won’t name names, maybe someone else out there (under a pseudonym) should do so. That just so AIN’T RIGHT!

Comment by Datebook Diner

I can’t release the names publicly, but may provide the info off record.

Comment by locallygrown

I agree totally. I am not accusing, I am stating the facts. It is happening at some very high end places around our ‘fair’ city

Comment by locallygrown

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