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Party In The Front, Party In The Rear, Take 3

A few days ago your Humble Cook and Android Powered Phone Enthusiast embarked on a journey.  This journey was more of a quest, and at that a quest to provide you all with my semi-valued opinion on downtown DSM/DMI/DeMo’s newest Food and Spirits Emporium, Mullet’s. The original 1200+ words flowed together nicely, as a fine tartar sauce drips from a very freshly fried fish stick.  With a little warranted pride I leaned in toward the “Upload To Blog” button on my WP for Android application, hoping that as the describe-atory words and pictures flowed from our place on Earth and into the heavens a little peace would come to foodies everywhere.  Then I pictured the words sprinkling back to the planet from some faraway sattelite like tiny little particles of sunlight.  A kind of Blogging Rainbow, if you will.

Moments (nanoseconds, really) later my daydream garden was crappethed upon by a peace shattering “Force Close” message. (Any of you with Android experience has fallen prey to this dispicable animal) My peace was truly shattered as my words which were shatted upon the spacewaves of the interweb dissapated into a cloud of (something) vapor.

I tried again.  300 words, summary of my first attempt.
That too fell victim to Android.  That little robot icon was MOCKING ME!  Now, those of you who have been following along here for a while know how I feel about food writers/restaurant reviewers and their ilk, and had no intention of joining their league, but due to demand I WILL start throwing down some reviews.  Here is our first foray, take 3…


Mullet's Mascot during construction

I am honestly really tired of writing about Mullet’s.  It’s not you, Mullet’s, it’s me.  I will sum this up quickly.

  • Located at 1300 SE 1st street.
  • owned by a conglomeration of Full Court Press partners and employees
  • Menu focused on being a little un-focussed due to Menu-By-Committee planning.  Each owner (last I heard there were 17 or so)had a say in the culinary direction of Mullet’s.  It shows in the menu’s diversity/wide buckshot pattern.  Burgers, Pizza, Seafood Appetizers, Salads, Sandwiches, and a Large Selection of Poboy sandwiches light up the pages.  I was a little intimidated by the size of the menu, and took two sittings to read the whole thing.
  • The service was excellent.  My bartender, Jeff, was a cool cat and I always like being taken care of by another bearded man. Hmm, that didn’t sound right.
  • The food quality was about at the level you have come to expect from the ‘Press organization (save for Sbrocco, Andrew Meek made it abundantly clear that he had nothing to do with this place).  Scratch made, homey food that satisfies your fried food cravings.  I will be going back for regular visits.
  • The Folks put a ton of work into the building, which formerly housed Tommy Ferrel’s, adding a giant two-story deck which overlooks the DSM river, Principal Park, and the DEMS Moines skyline.  I stopped in Friday to witness the Post I-Cubs fireworks from Mullet’s, it was amazing.  I was reminded of being in the Disney compound standing in front of the majical castle thing.  A dude with an ACTUAL mullet walked by during the fireworks and gave a spirited “what’s up, bud?” which added to the almost theme-park like atmosphere.  A stunning experience.  This is a great place for pre- or post-game celebration.
  • Mullet’s is right on the Meredith Trail, making it a great place for Cyclists to stop.  Did you hear that, people?  Cyclists Stop.
  • Vegetarians, you are in luck.  Vegans, you are SOL. There are a number of vegetarian sandwiches, poboys, and the like.  I will get in to that more at a later time.

I had so much more to say, but you get the picture.  I like it.  I like it more than its namesake hair-atrocity.  I give it 17 out of a possible who knows how many triangles.  let’s just say, they scored well.  Please go support this place, it is a great spot to spend a portion of your summer.

This Blog was not written on an Android Phone. Thank Goodness.

The Cook


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