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A Dangerous meeting….Sand-which?
2010/06/25, 10:19 pm
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Good afternoon, everyone, and welcome to a little program we here at Locally Grown like to refer to as

“The I Can’t Believe I Am About To Say This Show”

It is a not-so-rare occasion for LG’s two most talked about subjects to unite for a little synchronized okokokokok whoa! Let me just get down to the business end of this sandwich roll:

The Vegan Banh Mi at Gateway Market (GateMar) is well documented on this blog. My first sandwich, made by George Formaro himself, was tasty and well put together although it needed some small tweeks.

I was looking forward to the day GateMar released thier for-consumer version of the Vegan Banh Mi. Today was that day. I pulled in to the parking lot on my sparkly blue Cannondale, walked to the counter and placed my order. A long while later I received the sandwich to-go style. The two of us hopped on the Cannon and went to work. I opened the box, took a picture, then had two OTHER chefs taste what was going down. I was not happy and neither were they. The little bugger was not properly assembled by any means and the roll was crushed paper thin and burn by a panini press.

I am going to chalk this up to circumstances and will try again, albeit I will have to trick someone into taking me to lunch because I don’t feel I should pay for another fudge-up.

A few other people had much better luck than I did today, and better me than them I suppose.

I have contacted George about the problem and will hopefully help them fix this shit. Yes, I am pissed.


The Cook


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It is refreshing to see someone take their food so seriously.

Comment by steve Fuller

I had their Banh Mi the other day and thought it was really good. But it looked like yours and I’ve never had any other version, so I don’t really know what I’m missing.

Comment by maria

So, now you know how not fun it is it can be to be a food reviewer. You tell everyone “HEY–TRY THIS, IT’S GREAT!” then you go back and find out that the thing you lauded now stinks…and your good name (or whatever good name one has) is ruined, and people all over town are questioning your jugement. Gack. It’s the worst part of food writing….

Comment by Datebook Diner

Exactly why I didn’t say it was great from the get-go. I know how this place works and expected the end result

Comment by locallygrown

PS: Good for you for following up. Going from the “chef” version to the “what people will really get if they come unannounced” version.

Comment by Datebook Diner

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