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2010/06/29, 4:03 am
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Good evening my tens of readers. Your Humble Cook is laid out on the couch, head reeling from the misfortunes and other b.s. encountered during the course of the last ten days. And as much as my bottle of whine would gain from decanting all over the interweb, the only breathing going on here is the sigh of relief you can all let escape, as you all can mark the “Exempt” box on the “listening to The Cook Complain EZ Form”.

Today I am here to announce a joint venture betwixt my two blogs, “Locally Grown”, and my cycling blog, “Cyclist…Not Biker.” Two of my loves, cycling and food, are about to become a “Mashup” like a fine JayZ and whiny pro-tools doctored band Linkin Park series-mix. If you are from Iowa you have probably heard of RAGBRAI. In fact if you are from just about anywhere in the US you have probably heard of it as it is the oldest cross-state bicycle tour in the country, drawing riders from across the globe. It even draws cyclists from right here in its home town, DSM/D-MO/DMI, up to and including this humble narrator. This year will be my somethingth ride on said tour, and to mark my inability to procure a riding partner from DMI to SUX (Sioux City), I will be using my free time to document the trip both from a cycling standpoint and from a culinary um…stand…point.

Yes, I, your sometimes maniacal cook, will be riding self supported (that means you carry all of your sh*t on your bike) from DSM to Sioux City, then across the state, then back to DSM solo, making a point to stop at all the Local Food growers/purveyors/restaurants/food stands I can fit in to my 900 miles of cycling, then sharing their stories with you daily. I will also be sharing my cycling stories over at CNB to which you will find a link from in the stories at this site.

It is going to be a fun two weeks filled with food, folks, and fun®, and possibly some interviews with a few teams on the ride who bring their own chefs.

The series will begin July 20th and run til I make it back home. I can hardly wait!

The Cook

P.s. the beloved T+Mobile G1 died tragically in last Thursday night’s thunderstorm, along with the rear deraileur of my beloved Cannondale touring bike (and a little of my already retreating hair line). It has been replaced with a MyTouch Slide which, along with having that heinous television commercial documenting an ice cream vs. Outlet mall family feud, has a very suggestive name and left me feeling dirty for purchasing it. This is my first post from said dirty-bird phone.


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Cool! I look forward to reading about your exploits.

Comment by maria

[…] to dish out a few problems that will unfortunately keep yours truly from carrying through with the culinary coverage of The Ragbrai.  I apologize for getting three or four of you all riled up, but I have some things to take care […]

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