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Miles Summed Up The Hole Of The Parts
2010/07/03, 3:59 am
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If you have ever worked in a kitchen you probably know of that beautiful cacophony of chaos that is called a rush. If you have never experienced the “excitement” of a rush, here is a way to replicate the sound and the fury of the a-holes and elbows of the kitchen dance.

Get a copy of “Live Evil” by Miles Davis, a wonderful 1971 live album with an all-star cast of Jazz greats playing electric fusion mind-scramble. Play this album as loud as possible. Take all of the food in your house and put it in containers arranged on your countertop. Get a knife and start wildly chopping, dicing, then maybe burn yourself a few times as you have friends run in and out of your kitchen screaming rediculous requests. Make a huge mess. About half way through disc two, when you are out of breath and everything you own is trashed just stop. Then clean up.

This will closely approximate what it is like to boogie the kitchen dance.

Oh yeah, have a beer afterward. You’ll need it.

The Cook


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might need two beers or some amber. either way…damn it feels good to be a gangster. lol!

Comment by easy p

[…] of atmosphere.  I think you get the point. During the heat of what we like to call a “rush” (not to be confused with a “frush”), the printer craps out the ultimate special […]

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