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Restaurant Weak Is Coming
2010/07/08, 12:53 am
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(Whistling sounds)

*tumbleweeds blow by*

Uh…*clears throat* ummmm…. *thunk thunk thunk*

“Is this thing on?”

Oh…ok. it’s working.

So I was trolling the Mighty And Infallible Information Super-duper Highway for information regarding Our Fair City’s foodular news and happenings and TO NO AVAIL. A trusted source dropped the dime on the Datebook Diner. Seems she has been talking about Star Bar again (not that there is anything wrong with that). I could not find the article.

Well, WTF ever, here is some news and other (censored) stuff.

This weekend we (you) will see the debut of the new Cafe Di Scala Summer Menu, designed and executed by myself and Nicest motherflippin Chef in DMI, The Phil Shires. I think you will motherflippin uh…flip when you stick it in your face.

More news…

I will still be NOT reporting on that one thing.



Here is the deal with Restaurant Week from (maybe) the restaurant’s standpoint:

“Thank you for taking advantage of the special savings and sampling a little (or big) taste of what we have cooking. We hope that the small percentage of you that aren’t doing this as an excuse to get out of the house become valued return customers.”

This is a “mash-up” of opinionz that have been spouted towards mine ears the past few years this event has been held, and as a restaurant employee/employer I hold this opinionz to be true and self-evident.

We love the fact that people get out of the house for a little sump-sumpin different. There are some sacrifices made to make these specials happen. There are, IMHO and experience, not enough diners who take it seriously. I have seen the event, which in other cities is a REALLY BIG DEAL involving chef demos and cooking classes, do practically nothing for restaurateurs. Most people treat it as they would the Sunday Newspaper coupon flier for TGI Fridays or freaking Applebees.

What I am saying here is that THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE EDUCATION AND INTERACTIVENESS INVOLVED IN THIS EVENT. People will skirt the edges of good local cuisine as long as they are allowed. Why on Earth would they go take a chance on an actual local spot if they are guaranteed the super-consistancy of chain filth? (There are even chain filth-dealers participating) Why would you go to Sbrocco, Azalea, Centro, Proof, or any other participating legitimate locally owned business at a discounted price…if you weren’t already inclined to do so on a special night…and be a return customer?

Motherflippin Discuss.

The Cook.

BTW… I DO support the event. It needs a little *Ooomph+


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Good thoughts. I’ve always wondered what the biz thought of Restaurant Week. As an average consumer – though one who REALLY loves trying new foods and new restaurants – I’ve never understood why I should participate.

And “THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE EDUCATION AND INTERACTIVENESS INVOLVED IN THIS EVENT”? That is true of almost every effing event in DSM. People throw out shit ideas without asking why they’re doing it or what they want out of it and, often, Des Moinesians attend. We’re really unsophisticated attendees – maybe that’s what happens after years of drought.

Comment by Cat

Amen, Cat, after a long drought water (the consumers) will flow into the nearest cracks in the parched earth (events), and that thirsty ground will suck up any last drop of moisture that comes its way. I have always seen it as an interruption to normal business, and a marketing ploy. Educating diners and encouraging them expand their culinary comfort zone should be the main goals of “Restaurant Week,” but it has gotten nowhere near nibbling the edges of that cookie.

I will be posting a follow up about this upcoming event which, as there is just too much to say within the confines of a comment, and thank you for yours CR

Comment by locallygrown

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