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Dining A-holes, You’ve Just Been Served
2010/07/13, 7:09 am
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Being a person who is employed in and around restaurants, I have the pleasure/displeasure to have made the aquaintance of many servers.  Servers are people just like you and me, they just make a larger percentage of their living in cash.  In many cases the people serving you are college students, mothers trying to make some extra cash for their kids’ care, people trying to pay their bills and sometimes they are just dudes and ladies trying to make some cash to party on.  Whatever the motivation for this job choice, these are people.  People who, for the love of cripes, deserve to be treated as human beings.

So why do certain people still insist on being assholes to these regular working-class people?

This is to the employers who make their servers pay the customers’ credit card fees, to the rude people who take your frustrations out on strangers, to the demanding customers that can’t seem to grasp the fact that your server may have other guests to attend to, and my personal favorite, the people who call a restaurant to have the phone answerer tell the history of the place or rattle off the entire menu.

Way to be a bunch of A-holes

We of the restaurant industry thank you for frequenting our respective establishments (and to the employers for employing us), but please try using your adult-type manners when dining.

Remember to “Treat your servers as you would have them treat you.”

That is all for meow now (nice try, Bathory)

The Cook


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Seriously, employers make their servers cover the credit card fees for their customers? What a completely shitty thing to do.

Comment by Steve Fuller

Steve, I f-ing agree. The knowledge of which restaurants do this is keeping me from taking the Mrs. out to dinner at said spots. Very frustrating when I want to have a special meal with my wife, but due to the questionable ethics of the Owners we do not frequent those un-named establishments. It is quite a crock of BS

Comment by locallygrown

I wonder, these days, the percentage of customers who are jerks. When I waited tables, it was about 1 table in 50 that was either overly demanding or demeaning….Have the numbers gone up? I hope not.

I will say that the number of people who didn’t tip (in the late 70s to early 80s), was about one-third. Imagine if one-third of your tables didn’t tip? Tipping just wasn’t part of the ethic. And tips were generally 10%. In the higher-end places I worked in later years, maybe only 1/10th of the tables didn’t tip–and the average was 15%. Yikes.

Hmmm…I just thought of something. Maybe there’s a correlation. Back when people didn’t tip as much or as often, they were nicer. Now that 20% is the norm (and, I’m beginning to hear, on the way to be considered skin-flinty), people aren’t as nice. Maybe the meanies resent the whole tipping system. Or, feel that for their 20% they get to give a little grief to the servers? Double yikes.

Comment by Datebook Diner

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