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Plan Breaker, Ride Canceller
2010/07/20, 1:57 am
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Well, folks…it looks as if Adult Life has raised its hand in the classroom of my life, and I called upon it for an answer.  AL (not to be confused with allegedly doped-up pro cyclist LA) has decided to dish out a few problems that will unfortunately keep yours truly from carrying through with the culinary coverage of The Ragbrai.  I apologize for getting three or four of you all riled up, but I have some things to take care of, and…how much more coverage of that monstrosity do you really need?  I have an even better plan in store, but let’s wait on giving that one away.

Now, on to more news…

Sometimes people aren’t so good at saying what they really mean.  This happens to everyone at some point in our short time on the planet, and one of the thousands of times this affliction has plagued ME happened (in print at least) last Friday.  Oh, I think it’s happening again. Never mind.  I will try again tomorrow.

The Cook


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Boo. Boo, I say.

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