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Don’t Mind Mi, Just Playing Through
2010/07/05, 8:25 pm
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Happy 5th of July to all of you. I hope that you all survived the Independence Day festivities with all of your digits still in place, a healthy patriotic glow on your face, and at least most of your dignity in tact. This past weekend was the #1 grillingest and #3 drinkingest holiday in America, and the holiday which gave birth to all other American holidays, drinking or not, in as much as if we hadn’t had an Independence to raise our glasses and grill to, all other holidays would be um…non existant? Sounds fairly important.

Some other important happenings this weekend:

The Mighty Tour de France began Saturday amongst a flurry of controversy and buttered baguettes. This is my “superbowl” for the year, and it has been no disappointment. A sporting event that doesn’t rely on million-dollar commercials as a gimmick rates high on my respect-o-meter.

Our Fair City hosted the third annual 80/35 Festival, its most successful and wet year. You can read about that here .

This weekend also marked the almost finishing of the almost-ready-to-launch Locally Grown Recipe site…coming soon…

Also, this past week I forged a new partnership with Mars Cafe and will be entertaining the viewers of the Mars Cafe website with musings about coffee and cycling.

But on to other important things and sports analogies.

If you have ever golfed, you may have gotten behind another group of linksters who seem to be less concerned about time than you. You can politely ask them if you could “play through,” saving you the hassle-hoff of constantly waiting and them the burden of annoying you. Playing through is a great way to make all parties a little less smug.

This is how I am feeling about my recent focus on Gateway Market and Chef George Formaro’s Vegan Banh Mi.

From here on out I will monitor their progress as anyone else requiring their WiFi access, and will drop any suprising news when it…drops. The sandwich as it stands is ok, but I am choosing not to focus too much energy as I do not work for GM and it “isn’t my job.” So, Gateway, if you would kindly allow me to play through…

Now, according to The Illooostrioos Datebook Diner, I have gotten a taste of Smug Life aka Food Writer Whiplash. It was an interesting insight into the writer vs. Restuarant tango (from a different side). Mooooving on.

Happy 5th.

The Cook


Miles Summed Up The Hole Of The Parts
2010/07/03, 3:59 am
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If you have ever worked in a kitchen you probably know of that beautiful cacophony of chaos that is called a rush. If you have never experienced the “excitement” of a rush, here is a way to replicate the sound and the fury of the a-holes and elbows of the kitchen dance.

Get a copy of “Live Evil” by Miles Davis, a wonderful 1971 live album with an all-star cast of Jazz greats playing electric fusion mind-scramble. Play this album as loud as possible. Take all of the food in your house and put it in containers arranged on your countertop. Get a knife and start wildly chopping, dicing, then maybe burn yourself a few times as you have friends run in and out of your kitchen screaming rediculous requests. Make a huge mess. About half way through disc two, when you are out of breath and everything you own is trashed just stop. Then clean up.

This will closely approximate what it is like to boogie the kitchen dance.

Oh yeah, have a beer afterward. You’ll need it.

The Cook

(Insert clever title)


Hello, my tens of readers. Today is a day like any other in that air is still air, the birds still singing, and T-partiers are still T-bagging, EXCEPT FOR ONE SMALL DETAIL. I have nothing to complain about. Ok, I do have some complaints, but what the hay…let’s leave that for another day.

What I do have today is some freshly breaking news, as freshly broken as the (insert flatulence joke).

I have always wanted to learn about the complex, murky underworld of coffee, and now, thanks to my friends at Mars Cafe, I will be educated. I will be writing about said coffee learn-a-thon and bicycling related goodness on their web site.

Speaking of Mars Cafe, I also had the fortunance to eat lunch there yesterday and was very pleased with my sandwich. I was not so pleased with my choice of a large iced coffee. It was delicious, the bad part was the accompanying motor-mouth syndrome. I recommend catching lunch there, Chef Hal Jasa has done some good things with Mars’ menu. I will also be stopping in this weekend for brunch, I have heard nothing but good things.

Yesterday I had my THIRD installment of Gateway Market’s Vegan Banh Mi. It was better than the second, but the first still wins. They will keep trying. That is all I can say at this point.

I would like to give a shout out to The Cook’s (twitter id @VegChefDSM) first admitted
Twitter® groupie and social-media-swearing afficianado, @crowbert. @crowbert suggested to Juice crapazine that I be part of the hottest readers issue. Truth be told, I don’t qualify as I am not a reader. Thank you for the nomination, I am still blushing.

And thank you all for being patient with me as I go through the summer “hard to find time to write” excuse-a-thon. My tech problems are about solved, and I have more than enough shit to bitch about.

Thanks to somewhat overwhelming reader response, I will be launching my own recipe site towards the end of summer. More to follow…

I heard a rumor somebody let DD back in the country.

The Cook