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Manic Monday Meltdown!!!
2010/08/23, 4:05 pm
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Good morning, readers of the most dangerous sort-of-food-related blog on the planet (or at least in Central Iowa)!  It’s Monday, and you know what time it is…

Locally Grown Monday Morning Meltdown!

Let’s assume all of you made it through the Iowa State Food Fair alive and with minimal damage to your arteries, stomachs, figure, complexion, and pride.  Let’s also assume that you were able to eat all of the ridiculous food items you fancied while maintaining your fat intake/health & safety ratio. But regardless of whether you stayed safe or not, it’s going to take some dedication to burn off those extra 70,000 calories, you might even need to do something extreme like ride the “Treadmill Bike” to work every day this week.

What a great way to burn off that Fair Fat!

What were your favorites fair foods?  I would love to have you share with the other 9 people who might read this, so drop a comment or email and I may get around to compiling a list.  What’s my favorite?  OH, thought you would never ask!  Cajun Fried Cheese, which is essentially cheese fried in a spicy corndog batter.  In fact, I would like one right now…but all of our Fair Fare Faves are something like 352 days from being re-realized.  Yes, I am counting.

We will also assume that all 39 of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week are still standing, and reaped the benefits of this Dining Promotional Event (which I think is to convert new culinary followers).  I have gotten a crap-load (yes, that is an official measurement…it may even be in the new Webster’s Dictionary) of feedback so far, and it is ALMOST ALL GOOD!  Haven’t heard one horror story yet…I will be checking out a few places this week, hope to see you out there expanding your dining horizons.

This Restaurant Week thing is working out pretty well for you humble cook, as this week contains the anniversary day of the life-bonding of myself and Mrs. The Cook.  We will be able to go out to dinner a few more times than usual for our Anniversary.

A few must-visits include Baru66, Azalea, Alba, Cafe Di Scala, Bistro Montage, Cosi Cucina, Mojo’s on 86th, Trostel’s Dish, Sbrocco, and Mandarin Grill (who gets the award for most elaborate menu, even including a graph of the meal plans).  Most of these places are requisite dining experiences if you are to consider yourself a DSM “Foodie” (I strongly dislike that term) and now is your chance to get your “Foodie Cred.”

Not much of a meltdown.  Hmmm…still in a good mood from the New Belgium Urban Assault Ride.

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I run straight to the sweet overloads when searching out foods that will kill me at the fair. My current favorite has to be a chocolate dipped cashew nut roll.

Comment by Buckshot77

My current favorite has to be a chocolate dipped cashew nut roll

I want one right NOW! With an A&W Root Beer Float to wash it down, followed with a few Deep Fried Oreos!

Comment by locallygrown

Sadly, I didn’t make it to the fair this year. You other 7 peeps reading this better list your faves so I can live vicariously through you.

Also, really glad to not see Centro or Django in your “not to be missed” list. Putting one option from your regular menu, to me, misses the entire point of restaurant week. It’s been disappointing to see those two phone it in the last couple years just to get a little press.

Comment by Amy

We go for “stuff that I can eat and still look at myself in the mirror the next morning with some self-respect” foods. I dig the charbroiled chicken breast sammich at Stockman’s Inn, as well as the giant brats / sausages at Hardenbrook’s blue and white stand. The Turkey Tenderloin sammich from the turkey federation is also pretty tasty not toally guilt ridden.

I will admit, i always have one corn dog, usually from the stand right my Gizmo / Jennie’s Grinders or from the little lone stand out in front of the grandstand near steer and stein.


Comment by InthewaterDSM

As usual, I like your style, ITW. BUT if prefer to do the walk of shame to the bathroom the morning after a fair food binge. I see it as a good way to put my weight lost during the regular cycling season right back where it belongs, between my belt and my shoulders! Good for you, being responsible.

Comment by locallygrown

Didn’t go to the fair, mainly because I can’t stand dealing with crowds or lines more than once per year (RAGBRAI). As far as restaurant week goes, Mojo’s on 86th was completely PACKED Saturday when we drove by. Hoping to maybe get out to one or two new places this week myself. Di Scala is on my list.

Comment by steve Fuller

I’ve already mentioned my favorite fair foods in another comment, but I wanted to mention that I’m excited for Restaurant Week. Unfortunately, as someone who eats vegetarian and can’t have cream, there are only 7 options of the 39 available to me. Of those 7, a few are lunch-only options, like Mojos on 86th, which does have a veggie entree, but there is only one starter on the dinner menu and it contains duck. I’ll try to get there on the weekend for lunch, anyway. One would think that there’d be more vegetarian options available considering it can be more economical to cook without meat, but I guess some restaurants wanted more “crowd-pleasers” or something. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll enjoy myself (and it’s not like I can afford the time/money to even go to those 7 options).

Comment by maria

I had the same thought as you when poring through the menus. Not enough vegetarian options, and a perfect time to draw in Veg peeps to show them what you are capable of when handling their culinary needs. Pretty poor effort for the most part. Maybe we can convince more chefs to take care of our “lost tribe”

Comment by locallygrown

A+ would read again

Comment by mode20100

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