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Taco Twednesday!!!!
2010/08/25, 5:46 pm
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For those of you unlucky enough to follow me on Twitter (@VegChefDSM) you know that I have become wildly obsessed with tacos and taco related interweb nonsense.

Is man doomed to stand in the shadow of a taco?

This Taco Obsession (or as the professional taco community calls it, Tac.O.) has grown beyond the thinking/dreaming state, into the realization of actual physically manifested tacos.  What does this all mean?  It means that I have been making tacos for consumption of the general taco eating public, YOU.  Every Tuesday (Taco Tuesday, get it?) I serve hand-crafted (oh, the pretension!) tacos at the Cumming Tap (117 N 44th St, Cumming, IA 50061) from 5 until 10 or 11 or whenever they sell out/I get tired of making tacos.  You have a choice of either Braised Pork Shoulder or my own recipe Vegan Chorizo served on hand-pressed corn tortillas (yes, MY hands) and topped with Cortida, a Salvadorean cabbage and pepper slaw.  Once in a while I will be throwing in some special tacos, such as next week’s planned Seitan Asada.  Here is the info from the awesome Bike Iowa web site (www.bikeiowa.com).  Every Thursday I run a “Free Taco Tuesday Thursday” contest on twitter, where there is a chance to win two tacos of your choice.  Follow me at @VegChefDSM for a chance to win…TACOS!

Here is what the people are saying so far:

“The tacos are amazing. I say it’s the tortilla.” – JM

“You made my night! Meat AND Vegan tacos!” – JL

“Holy Yum!” – JN

“what’s in Vegan Chorizo?” “I don’t know, but it blew my mind” – BT

“You could serve dog crap on this tortilla and it would be good” – PS (I really love that one)

“This is the best taco I have ever had!” – BS, JT, GB, and that lady with the yellow shirt.

All real testimonials, all real people, all good taco eaters.

Just a short Taco Update today, hope to see you next Taco Tuesday getting down like this:



Taco-ly Yours,

The Cook

ps: Keep those Fair Food Favorites rolling in, the list is growing


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Gonna have to take a drive out to try your tacos. They look awesome, do they all have the smiley face, or just the one in the picture? I assume you do that with you talented “chef-hands” whilst “hand pressing” the tortilla?


Comment by InthewaterDSM

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