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The Final Countdown…of Restaurant Week
2010/08/28, 2:35 pm
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Today is the day!  If you have been sitting on your hands the last something amount of days wondering where to go for Restaurant week and haven’t gotten out to try a potentially new regular dining spot, then it’s time to person-up and do it.  Might I suggest a trip to Alba, Azalea, Cafe Di Scala, Mojo’s, or the Francophile’s Favorite, Baru 66?  It may be hard to get a reservation at any of these places, as the non-procrastinators have more than likely filled the reservation books, but there is hope.  Call ahead and see if you can get a table.  From what I have been hearing from the staff and patrons of all five places, you owe it to yourself to get down with their “offerings.” Tip: you don’t have to get the Restaurant Week special, you can order off the regular menu if you would like.

Some observations from this week:

As if Gastrodomus himself were writing for this here mildly popular blog, almost every prediction of customer behavior, spending habits, and phone-call-question have been realized over the last week.  Yes, the cheapo, weirdo, whacko, over-questioning, demanding, rude, and otherwise out-of-their element folks came out to cause a little havoc, but you know what?  They actually came out and participated, and that was (I think) the goal.  A few of those difficult diners may have been lifted from the darkness that is Chain Dining by the helpful hands of one of our local eating establishments.  It’s as though a few culinary lives have been saved.  Those Big Box Dining Centers have tons of backing and do their best to fight local restaurants for market share.  Our stomachs all hang in the balance in this war for the almighty dining dollar.  Dining local is a vote for victory.

That’s it for today, this kid has to ride to work and prepare for the onslaught of the final day of…you know what week I am talking about.

Tha Cook


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