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The Incredible Inedible Egg (Acosted By DeCoster)
2010/08/31, 5:43 pm
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Congratulations to us!  Iowa agriculture has made the news in a big way thanks to the A-holes at DeCoster and state agriculture “regulators.”  It seems, according to newly released legend, that 75 year old Austin “Jack” DeCoster is a person of very questionable business practices and should not be trusted with any type of agriculture venture.

"Jack" DeCoster, One Bad Egg in a Sea of Salmonella

Even former/aspiring future Governor Terry Branstad admits of DeCoster that “He’s been trouble ever since he came here from Maine.”  When did he come to Iowa?  In the 1980’s.  He has been trouble since the 1980’s, is listed as a habitual violator of EPA regulations, has expanded his business even after being banned from operating ag business in our state.  This “person” is a greedy bastard who has been putting people’s lives at risk since entering Iowa in the 80’s, and now after around 30 years of dangerous practices and a few fines and slaps on the wrist, DeCoster has managed to cause the salmonella poisoning of over 1,300 innocent people, the recall of a mind-boggling number of eggs, and the tarnishing of Iowa’s Agricultural reputation.  I want you to notice the emphasis on the time frame of Jack’s reign of ag-terror.  Where were the authorities who are supposed to be looking out for your safety?  Why was there no real reinforcement of laws, and what about the new regulations which took effect around the same time the poison eggs were being shipped?  And what of our illustrious former governor’s admission that DeCoster has been a problem all this time?

It doesn’t seem that these public officials are looking out for your safety at all.  They have allowed at least 1,300 people to be maimed by an avoidable salmonella outbreak, and the tarnishing of the reputation of our local agriculture.

This is why you have to know your food, people!  The government can and will only do so much to ensure your safety (and it really shouldn’t have to, I do realize it’s the a-holes contaminating the food supply who are really to blame).  Buying local, educating yourself, and knowing exactly where your food comes from is very important in this day of food-borne illness outbreaks.

You can go read all of the data from recent inspections of these tainted egg merchants if you feel the need, but what you should really do is take a good look at what you will do to keep YOUR food supply clean, for you and your family.

Buy Local, Eat Local, Be Local.  For your safety and health.

The Cook


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I agree whole heartedly! Reason number 952 why I like being vegan? I don’t have to worry about egg recalls. But, overall – yes, we MUST know where our food comes from. Love this post!!!

Comment by Amanda @ Vegacious

[…] recall, well on just about any news site, but here is an article from The Huffington Post.  And here is an outstanding post by a local Des Moines chef who re-emphasizes the importance of buying local […]

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re: “the tarnishing of Iowa’s Agricultural reputation”

While I know this guy may be a particularly “bad egg” (groan) a reputation can only be as good as the worst example. Apparently our reputation has been tarnished (to say the least) for decades.

I can only hope that this exposure helps make a positive change throughout the nation.
Thanks for your post; I’m glad I found your blog.

Comment by Lindsey

I totally agree with you–eat local and know where your food comes from! Only problem with that is that in this case, the eggs were local. The key to sustainable agriculture is to remain small and diversified, not megalots like this that produce one thing only and care more about quantity than quality.

Comment by maria

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