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Sweeping Up The Split Hairs
2010/09/16, 2:42 pm
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Monday’s Mundane Pizza Post created some great conversation about pizza, and some amazing name calling towards some unknown Vegan individual who may or may not exist in the real world, as the story told of said Vegan was third hand and smacks of a classic “Stock Scenario”/”Old Vegan Wives Tale.”  People, I am here to clear up some of your skewed notions of what Vegans are and are not.

A Rabid Meat Party Activist Gettin' "Maverick"

This is all brought on by a reader named Pat who, by grace of his righteous heart, blessed this blog’s comments section with some very bigoted statements and inferences.  Pat, you are an asshole, and not just the kind that tips poorly or is condescending to their server (although I have a sneaky suspicion that you might be that kind also).   Thank you for making me have to ditch the post I was working on and write this post.  I appreciate it.  We all do.

First and foremost, Vegans are people too.  Keep this in mind as we take this journey together.  Yes, Vegans can be gay, straight, right wing, left wing, a-holes, nice folks, moms, dads, kids, bus drivers, activists, and sometimes a major pain in the ass to dine out with.  This is why I try to educate those on both sides on good common ground dining spots and how to approach dining together in a manner which all parties are satisfied.  We should all be able to get along, and without name calling, stereotypes, and comments which generate such animosity towards one’s dietary/life choices.

If you look at the facts from all sides of the meat planet vs. veggie planet argument, and read extensively you will notice a few things.  The argument for a Veg planet is made mainly by people of science who have come from a “normal” background, but have decided that the scientific facts have shown their analytical minds some information supporting the need for humans to change their ways or suffer grave consequences, be it Environmental or Personal Health.  The meat-side argument is generally made by everyone else. These people are basically lobbyists for the meat industry, without actually holding the job title. That is a lot of free lobyist hours! Let’s take a closer look.

Vegan “Whackos” Vs. Meat Industry Con Vs. Con

  • Vegan “Whackos” have been known to piss off people with their over-demanding ways and self righteous attitude.
  • Meat Industry has been known to poison the world’s food supply with tainted animal products that have sickened tens of thousands of people.
  • Vegan “Whackos” do things like throw red paint of fur coat wearing folks, destroying a piece of clothing worth thousands of dollars.
  • Meat Industry does things like slaughter billions of animals every year, many times holding them in conditions that not only make the animal suffer (not a care for you manly meat eaters, of course), but create conditions which breed the diseases which get passed on to the food supply.
  • Vegan “Whackos” may choose to lighten their “carbon footprint” by riding a bike to work or maybe buying a hybrid vehicle (which is not really a Vegan thing, as most hybrid owners are just “regular joes” who are trying to wean themselves from expensive fossil fuel)
  • Meat Industry may choose to lighten their “carbon footprint” by lobbying to have laws made which say that what they are doing doesn’t really use up all that much of our natural resources.
  • Vegan “Whackos” sometimes won’t even buy certain furniture if it is known the company uses animal based glues
  • Meat Industry really doesn’t care, glue is a great way to use all those scraps left from the butchering process.
  • Vegan “Whackos” may volunteer to serve food at a homeless shelter, or become active in Food Not Bombs, which takes donations of unwanted food from local business and turns it into (mostly) vegetarian meals for the homeless, or any passer by.  This is how they try to make a small dent in the world hunger.
  • Meat Industry has had a large hand in creating the world hunger epidemic, using an enormous percentage of the world’s farm land and water to grow feed crops for the animals you eat, but poor people don’t.  You can look all those numbers up yourself.
  • Vegan “Whackos” write books, make videos, and generally try to make their stance known as they feel that the planet could use a change of pace if it is going to survive.
  • Meat Industry well, they are so afraid of being called out on their bullshit, that they even sued OPRAH…and she settled.  Look that one up.  Powerful enough to silence OPRAH.
  • Vegan “Whackos” have been known to be attacked both with words and physically for their choices and beliefs, often time being called homophobic names even though they are straight.  But what heterosexual wouldn’t eat meat?
  • Meat Industry sponsors nursing programs and hospitals and big events against world hunger, thinly masking…just enough…their role in disease, sickness, and hunger.
  • Vegan “Whackos” are often extreme and may be motivated by something more of an inferiority complex or some other personality disorder.
  • Meat Industry is motivated by greed
  • Vegan “Whackos” sometimes have potlucks and enjoy sharing with friends
  • Meat Industry has packing plants where hundreds of people die each year just to process that meat you need to eat.

But after all that the “liberal media” has revealed about the questionable ethics and business practices, people generally still feel that the Meat Industry is their friend and that non-meat eaters are conspiring to take the average person’s dining rights away, forcing a mixture of greens, beans, and grains down the throats of diners like water fowl being fattened for Foie Gras.

I think everyone can, and should, get along.

…to be continued…

The Cook.


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Well said

Comment by @dpals

See, I am not a vegetarian, I enjoy tasty meat. If I could eat only things that were grown in a happy environment, and caught and butchered by people that cared, I would. It’s not feasible for me, due to the much higher cost, but even most people like me still see and freely admit that the “meat industry” is horrible.

Just being sure that “meat industry” isn’t a euphemism for “meat eater”.

Seriously, if I could never by meat from a huge, corp farm again, but only from self-sustaining farms that raise healthy, natural animals…man, that would be awesome.

Part of the reason I love sharing the food that my highly hunter-centric co-workers bring in.

Wild game is awesome.

I am not anti-meat, but I am anti-meat industry. If that makes sense.

Blah, blah, blah…I know. That was all over the place.

Comment by InthewaterDSM

To be fair, foodborne illnesses in 2007 were most often caused by poultry (17%), beef (16%), and leafy vegetables (14%).

Citation (lawl): MMWR morbidity and mortality weekly report 2010 Aug 13;59(31):973-9.

Comment by bakedleech

You forgot;

-Meat eaters are straight shooters (literally and figuratively)

-Vegans are phony pansies (literally and figuratively)

Comment by Pat Mearson

I agree with inthewaterDSM. You are being just as polarizing as the person you are critiqung. There is plenty of non meat industry funded scientific research showing that meat protein is healthy for human. More so than a plant based diet. It’s how it’s produced that matters. I dare you to go find some and read it. And do vegans care about all the animals killed by the big combine harvesters? How much innocent blood may have gone into their soy? That’s a big industry too as iowans should know.

Comment by LoneIowan

I’m sorry, have you ever read anything I have written other than this post? Probably not, as you do not understand my “writing style” (maybe you should go back and try to “get” my sense of humor, which isn’t really funny at all and has been applied to this current subject) or my “life style.”(I am not Vegan) To say that I am acting in the same capacity as someone who has just said “Vegans are Gay, Meat eaters are Straight” is laughable and as ignorant of the facts as the comments of Pat.

As for your dislike for Vegans and their uncaring attitude towards the myriad of animals literally getting “thrown under the bus” for their precious Soy products. I am pretty sure, and this is coming from someone who lives in the country surrounded, literally, by corn and soybean fields, that you are mistaken in saying soybeans. It would stand to be more logical that animals would be more succeptable to harm in the tall stalks of corn. You have a nice made up statistic, though. I grew up in a farming family, around farmers, and regularly ride the country gravel of Iowa very long distances, stopping to talk to farmers and folk who are out checking the mail or mowing the lawn…and through all of these thousands of conversations through the last three decades I have never ONCE heard a story of “oh, damn, I keep running over these critter with my Combine (which moves at a blinding 10-15mph).” If we are going there, you should include statistics on how many animals are killed by Soy Farmers’ dogs or are hit by said Soy Farmers’ trucks…just to be fair and to make sure we get a proper body count to hang over the heads of those who have chosen a plant based diet. They need to know what they are doing to these poor creatures.

And the meat industry I speak of is the likes of Tyson, Hormel, and the big players in the meat game. Never did I once mention local, independent farmers.

Also, your dare to find this obscure literature stating that meat protein is better for you than plant based protein…That is interesting, and if it really exists maybe it will grace my interdork search engine with its “facts.”

BTW, I eat meat. Get over yourselves.

Comment by locallygrown

Hey, my post was more of me just rambling. Sorry if I came off as trying to do more than that. Just thinking “out loud” I guess. Sure didn’t mean to stir the pot even more.

Also, you eat meat? Mind if I ask what you eat? It comes across, when you say that eating fat or whatever causes you to have a “run for the bowl” sort of situation, that you don’t.

🙂 Anyway, still some interesting info.

Comment by InthewaterDSM

Inthewater–you CAN only buy from sustainable meat sources. It’s not a bad thing to go a meal or two without meat. If you are anti-meat industry, then don’t contribute to its continuance. If that means spending a little more for high quality meat while eating less of it, then so be it (while enjoying what you do have, more). It’s one thing to make a statement, but another to follow through. Not to mention the idea that we need to have meat at every meal is not sustainable, anyway.

Bakedleech–part of the problem with food contamination is that huge monocultures (of meat or vegetables) are much more susceptible to diseases than diversified farms. We rarely hear of e. coli or salmonella outbreaks that have to do with several different crops from a farm, but rather they come from farms that only produce one thing.

I think we’re all debating about points that are similar but not the same, and that’s where some of the confusion lies.

Comment by maria

@maria – I go many meals without any meat, mostly due to health issues, but I will admit that I don’t buy from only sustainable farms. I wish I could say I did, but I can’t. It may be “possible”, but that doesn’t always mean it is “feasible”. Know what I mean?

Comment by InthewaterDSM

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