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Sweet Baby G-bus! It’s A Miracle!/The Assigment
2010/10/04, 4:40 pm
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Here it is, a wonderful October Monday Morning, the Sun is embracing the DezMoz/DMI/DSM/DeM Metro Area in a glorious hug of warm rays, the cool autumn air crisp and clean, and some other nice things, including NO COMPLAINTS FROM ME.  Yes, a miracle has truly taken place this weekend…it was very much like that Ice Cube song, “Today Was A Good Day,” but more like “Todays Was Some Good Days.”

This is where you would have seen the chart I had prepared based on the happenings of Ice Cube’s Good Day vs. an Average Day vs. A Bad Day vs. This past weekend, but since I use Ubuntu/Open Office, I could not save the graph as a WordPress-friendly file type.  If anyone has any advice regarding this problem, other than switching my OS, let me know.

Instead, you get this partial flow chart from www.geekologie.com

Today DOES Seem Kinda Odd...

My chart was more situation-specific, but whatever.  Thankfully the Geekologie geeks know how to utilize graphic editing software.

Don’t get me wrong, I have a ton of complaints from the last week, but this weekend trumped/erased from memory said issues.  Instead, let’s do something different.

This week I would like all of you to visit your favorite restaurant, you can do this solo or bring a group.  Doesn’t sound to difficult so far, does it?  I would like you to enjoy your favorite meal served by your favorite server/cashier/drive-thru attendant/lunch lady/sandwich artist/etc (hey, not everyone’s favorite restaurant is fine dining, you would be shocked to find out my favorite spot to eat, as I would possibly be shocked to find out yours).  When the meal is over, thank the people who prepared (the chef, the burger flipper, the taco guy, etc) and served your food.  I mean REALLY thank them.  Not in the “this is the best service I have had, then leave a crappy tip” kind of way, but in the “I truly and sincerely appreciate all that you have done to make me a happy repeat customer then tip well, if it is a tipping situation” kinda way.  A light sprinkling of complements on top of the Donut Of Food Service-itude goes a long way.

The Donut Of Foodservice-itude Awaits Your Sprinkles

Let’s review the steps:

  1. Go to favorite restaurant
  2. Enjoy meal and service
  3. Let the people responsible know how much you appreciate them and their food.

You could even take this a step further and contact the establishment via the mail or interweb to compliment them a second time (after you have complimented in person).  These people have worked hard to make you happy.  Show them some love.

That is assignment number one.  Assignment number two is as follows:

  1. Think of a restaurant you enjoy which you “discovered” through a print review.
  2. Send the Reviewer/Critic an email or “tweet” thanking them for turning you on to said eatery.

Even easier (unless you can’t think of an instance where a food critic/restaurant reviewer steered you to a good restaurant, which I find highly unlikely) than assignment one.

You have your assignments, now get out there and spread the love!

The Cook


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My issue is, picking a favorite restaurant!

Comment by Stephanie

File this in “Problems you WANT to have.”

Comment by locallygrown

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