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Locally Grown Tuesday Newsday!
2010/10/12, 2:24 pm
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Busy, busy.  This will be short today, as I have spent most of my time alternately making taco related items and supervising my new assistant Hank the Chimp as he replies to the last few days worth of comments here at LG.

He may smell a little "off," but Hank has a real knack for the written word.

But seriously, folks.  I will soon be meeting with the owners of Baru 66 to discuss the issues brought forth concerning their service staff.  Yes, I will share all information with you, my tens of readers, as soon as this sh*t goes down.

A concerned reader has also pointed out that I could use a few Journalism classes.  I don’t doubt it.  Luckily, I am not the one who has to read this crap.

That is really all I have for today.  Get out and enjoy the weather, I am sick of writing about how awesome it is just to have you sitting inside wasting your daylight hours reading blogs.

The Cook.


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So you chastise people for reading blogs in your blog? Are you for real?

Comment by Pat Mearson

I wouldn’t say that telling people to go out and enjoy the weather while the day is still nice is chastising them, but if that’s all Pat’s lil brain can find to complain about today, then I guess it’s worth complaining about.

I see that you leave your comments between the hours of midnight and 4am. Maybe you need to be chastised for not getting the rest that a growing Pat needs. It would explain why you are so cranky.

Comment by locallygrown

Are these time stamps correct? (Testing them with this remark)

Comment by InthewaterDSM

They show up as 2 hours behind when I look at them. Is that on my end or yours, Sam?

Comment by InthewaterDSM

Probably mine. I will look into correcting the situation.

Comment by locallygrown

I’m sorry for my posting times Sam, but you are not the only one who doesn’t work 9 to 5. Maybe you should post appropriate posting hours for all to abide by, so they can avoid being made fun of in further blogs.
Now if you will excuse me, I must go outside now and enjoy this beautiful weather by siphoning some gas from my neighbor’s Prius.

Comment by Pat Mearson

Very interesting article…… Thanks so much for information

Comment by Causstem

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