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Regulators, Mount Up…For Friday News!
2010/10/15, 9:48 am
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Happy Friday!!!  It’s been a heck of a week! Dealing with egos, injuries, and economics has left your Humble-ish Cook a little frizzle fried.  Thank you to all that helped clear the path of BS as we ran the gauntlet called this week, only to land safely and soundly within the boundaries of this beautiful Friday.  In the spirit of NOT pissing in the cheerios of a few of the more sensitive readers of LG, today we will just talk news.

Tomorrow I will be appearing, once again, on George Formaro’s radio show, The Kitchen Insider which airs on KFMG 99.1 at 10 am every Saturday.  Chef Formaro and I will be discussing the local food scene, tacos, and our favorite movies to watch during the run-up to Halloween.  It will, as always, be a good time.

Super Hot Breaking News:  The New Issue of Relish has dropped.  Look for a propper tearing apart of some of its articles next week…

In the “This Is A Huge Blow To The DMZ Food Scene” department:  The heralded Heritage Pork Pride event Cochon 555 will not be returning to Our Fair City for what would have been its third year of showcasing Heritage Pork and Local Chefs.  I have not yet heard back from the event organizers as to why we are being skipped over, but a few inside sources say it is rumored to be directly related to the Meh turnout at last years event.  There is a rumor that the Cochon555 folks have just decided to skip the formalities and directly award two-time winner and Datebook 5-Star awardee Matt Steigerwald of the Lincoln Cafe in Mt. Vernon, Iowa his three-peat.  Just kidding.  I will pass on any more information as it rolls in.  Locally Grown will be traveling to one of the other Midwest cities to cover the event.

As some of you know, I have been working hard at bringing you not only the most inflamatory words and subjects in the local food scene, but also to bring you TACOS that will change your life.  Well, your Taco life.  I have secured a builder for my dream bike, the Taco Bike.  Scott Forscht of Cornfed Customs has agreed to construct this unholy mix of Taco Truck and Bicycle.  Thank you, Scott.  This is exciting news for all you Taco Likers out there who have been making the trip to the Cumming Tap every Tuesday for the Best Tacos You Are Going To Probably Going To Stuff In Your Face, or B.T.Y.A.G.T.P.G.T.S.I.Y.F. as the plan involves me riding around town on The Taco Bike, throwing down tacos for you to chomp.  More to follow…

[I am writing this as Barney is on in the background.  I can’t take it.]

A certain local food critic has declared via the comments section of this little kitten of a blog that this person does not consider Cafe Di Scala a real restaurant, but more of a catering place.  Hilarious.  We at the “not restaurant” have been having a good laugh at your statement, person who I promised via Twitter to never mention again.

Well, Friday is about to get underway.  Time for Me, Warren G, and Nate Dogg to saddle up and regulate.


The Cook



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Taco bike? Amazing!

Comment by maria

did your chefs get in a fight at last year’s event??

oh, wait… that was US. 😉

Comment by spabettie

HA! That was you PDX folks with the food fight! We had planned on staging a reinactment of that fight at our event this year, but sadly we will be unable to follow through. See you at Vida!

Comment by locallygrown

OK…Taco Bike is amazing. Des Moines won’t know what hit it.
It reminds me of a cross between a Chicago wonder I experienced this summer — the Gaztro Wagon — and a Chicago wonder I am going to experience tomorrow: the Puppet Bike. LOOK THEM UP.

Comment by Holly Worthy

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