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The French Correction
2010/10/21, 8:42 am
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There is only one good French restaurant in the DMZ.   Wait, there are none.  I leave you with this.


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little guy: “Hey, it’s been a long time since you’ve not eaten…” (meaning, he’s been sitting on that plate for a while)

big guy: “Well I must leave you time to reproduce, idiot!”

Comment by Maggasaki

….and, yeah. I agree with your assertion. I’m glad you made it! 🙂 (p.s…i’ve heard some awful stories about the head chef/owner of the one out west. I’ll have to share them with you soon. they’re bad enough that i won’t give them my hard-earned money.)

Comment by Maggasaki

really? hmmmm.

It’s interesting to note taht Maggasaki agrees with you, too.

Comment by maria

Why is it interesting that I agree with him?
Because I haven’t tasted the food from Baru yet? That makes sense. I’m pretty much being facetious and sarcastic because that’s what Sam and I do. 😉

Comment by Maggasaki

It’s true, we go way back. I guess you could say we are G’z. or homies.

Comment by locallygrown

I meant it was interesting that both of you had the same low opinion of the place and had independently heard bad things of the place.

Comment by maria

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