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Get Down, Get Down!
2010/10/22, 9:38 am
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Happy Friday, Faithful Tens!  It is a beautiful day which has so far delivered nothing but Meh news, such as some weather service stating that Iowa will be getting more snow than usual this winter.  What does that even mean at this point?  At least it’s good for a chuckle.  I also heard a report that some other stuff was going on, such as a 5 star review dropping all over a never-to-be-mentioned-here restaurant from a never-to-be-mentioned-here critic in a publication that doesn’t return my emails.   Nice job out of you, NTBMHR.  Maybe when you raise your own bar even higher, which I am quite sure you are capable of, the NTBMHC can add a sixth or seventh star to facilitate the rising greatness.  You know, regardless of the differences between myself and said place, they could in fact be a great catalyst for food-ular growth in Our Town.  See the comment left by a Mr. Clay-something on this week’s James Beard Post.  Mr. C  “breaks it on down something proper” in regards to what we will have to do in order to produce a JBA winner.

Mr. C has been “breaking it on down” for quite some time. (Tom Bosley, RIP)


I am seeing some great things starting to come together for food in 2011.  I mean REALLY exciting.

That’s it for today, gotta motor if I’m going to make it to Heather’s funeral on time.

The Cook


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