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Sitting On The Throne Of (radio edit)

Before you confirm your thought that this blog has gone the way of the dodo or Red Dog beer, I invite you to spread your non-avian wings, pop open an extinct canine-themed beverage, and wrap your thoughts around this (like the wrapping paper that engulfed your least favorite holiday gifts):

Locally Grown is still here for you, baby.  Like a gift card that never expires,  this steamy den of drama of a blog sits comfortably in a back pocket until you or I am ready to “cash in,” and today is your lucky day (although this blog has no real value, cash our otherwise)!

We have an election coming up for secretary of agriculture.  I urge you to vote for the guy challenging the incumbent.  He is a PhD and runs a small organic grass-fed dairy among many other fine qualities.  (names have been removed to avoid potential law-suitors)

There is a Cuban restaurant in town.  I will be going there sometime soon.

Oh, Halloween is this weekend.  Please celebrate responsibly.

If you or a loved one are suffering from depression or any mental illness, please seek help.  There are people/programs out there who can help, and there is always hope.  Take care of yourself, and your life will reward you with a whole bunch of extra days of happiness.   

I can be heard, along with Chef George Formaro, on “Kitchen Insider” this Saturday at 10am on 99.1 in des moines (or lively streamed from their web site) taking about life, the love of the (food) game, and zombies.  I strongly urge you to join us as we travel to/through something something something.

Saturday is also the birthday celebration of the woman ultimately responsible for the existence of yours truly, and thusly this blog, my mother.  Mom, mad happy birthday shout-out to you!  Love you, hope this weekend treats you well!

That, my tens of friends, is all he (me) wrote.  

The Cook


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Heard the challenger speak on the radio Tuesday. Seems like a pretty smart guy with a lot of practical experience. Cuban restaurant – count me in. I also agree on the mental illness paragraph. Having dealt with this in the past, seeking help sooner rather than later is only going to benefit you and the ones you love.

Comment by S.Fuller

Hopefully your mom doesn’t have a lot of facial hair too. Just say’n

Comment by kyaker

Where/what is the new Cuban restaurant, I know I won’t be able to bleed this new guy schtick forever, but help me out.

The Server

P.S. Happy Birthday Moms!

Comment by The Server

The new Cuban restaurant is where Ingersoll Dinner theater used to be. It’s called Copa Cavana (yes, that’s the spelling). I can’t wait to see what they have cooking there for my picky tastes.

Comment by Jarad

yes – your election is making national news, and I have heard the excitement! I wish I could vote in YOUR election… I have already voted mine. 😀

Have a great weekend, and

Happy Birthday, Mom Of Sam.


Comment by spabettie

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