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Monday Update. Seriously.
2010/11/29, 4:03 pm
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Here’s something unprecedented in the halls of LG history, a second follow up supplemental Monday news post.  But enough with the normal nonsense, let’s get down to biznass.



I stopped by Proof for a little lunch break today and managed to catch a quick convo with a very busy Carly Groben.  The word is that Flour Pizza (mentioned in our earlier post) will be opening Thursday at 11a.  Be there and eat square.  You know, like square slices of pizza. 1220 Locust St in the DMZ. Thursday.


I also stopped in to Allspice for a little earlier announced shopping trip.  Owner Alex Rhoads was manning the helm as your slightly soggy cook sauntered across the heavily spice scented threshold.  Let’s see, Locally Owned, Friendly, Fair trade, Vegan friendly, Gluten Free, Fairly priced, Spices, Specialty Olive Oils. Check. Check. Check.  I walked out with some smoked paprika for the Tacopacalypse Vegan Chorizo, some Crushed Urfa Chile (a Turkish pepper from the town of Urfa) , and a mission to tell you Tens to make it a point to get in to see Alex at Allspice for some good good lovin for your cooking.  You may find a new spice that will inspire you to cook something different this week, any week really. 4oo E. Locust, Suite 5, the DMZ

Olive Oils at Allspice

People, support your locally owned businesses.  You should treat it as your civic duty to support your fellow DMZ-ians who have decided to take the plunge into the depths of business ownership and deliver the goods.

“And remember to thank us and yourselves for everything and everyone.” – James V. Sarcone

Hasta Manana

the Cook



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Smoked paprika is probably my favorite spice. Tasted good in almost anything.

Comment by maria

And by ‘tasted’ I mean ‘tastes’.

Comment by maria

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