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2010/12/01, 8:18 pm
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Today was a long day of avoiding the outdoors and of avoiding being awake.  I like to call it “I Need A Really Long Nap Wednesday” or INARLNW.  After a long weekend out of town and some manic insomia, this cook needed a little rest before getting back to the kitchen, But there are still some words that need to fly through your eyespace.

Today was also the day which marked the opening of Big City Burgers And Greens, our first of three local restaurants opening of the week. I had planned to attend, but due to the earlier mentioned exhaustion and some other home based nonsense that didn’t happen.  I DID get a good amount of feedback from a number of opening day diners and it sounds like BGBAG is having a few of the common service/confusion/cooking issues which they had better pinpoint and fix quick.  I have stated before that in our current economy it is very easy to alienate people, and if this restaurant wants to take off and reach its obvious goal of becoming a franchise (trust me, I have a good eye for this sort of thing) it needs to tighten up its systems.  Luckily all of the people that I had talked to about their experience were understanding of the situation and have vowed to go back to try more of the food.  I will be there for lunch Thursday, and I am excited.

In the spirit of my being a “Fat Kid” I will be attending another opening before going to lunch at BCBAG.  That’s right, Flour Pizza opens at 11a and I will be there.  Pizza…Burgers…It’s going to be like being a kid again.  But much larger.

One other quick note, Hal Jasa’s Zingaro will see its maiden Prix Fixe voyage set sail at 5p Thursday night.

Oh, if you want locations an links go back to the Monday or Tuesday LG posts.

Now, as for Tuesday’s call to Rep Local, I think this calls for a movement.  Not the eight hours after you ate a meal kind of a movement, but a commitment by everyone in the area to “Rep Local Or….”  I really wanted to say die there, but I don’t want anyone to get hurt and radical statements can make people do some crazy things and the only crazy thing I want you to do is keep as much of your money as you can in your pocket, and to keep the part that you spend in your community.  Pretty crazy, huh?  This is a commitment to growing our community and helping each other out.  Clearly in our post-election time the Fed Gov isn’t interested in the personal welfare of citizens.

Shop Local, Eat Local, Pay Local (try Dwolla a new locally based peer to peer payment system), Get your produce local (here is a listing of local CSA;s), Be Local.

Rep Local.

The Cook.



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