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Wini-Gate Day 2

While today isn’t the actual day two of what has come to be refered to as “Wini-Gate,” we here at Locally Grown often take liberties with the space/time continuum and this is one of those moments.  Regardless of what day it is or isn’t within the time line of W-G, there is still a crap load of controversy surrounding this unprecedented dining schmoozle.

I have yet to talk with La Mie owner Joe Logsdon about what happened and don’t want to just sit back and speculate as to what his meaning/intention was towards his potential late night diners.  I invite  you to go back a few days and read the comments sections of the last two posts, and on the Datebook Diner’s blog to see what your peers have to say about this flipped up incident until I can get the “other side” of the story or at least have been given the go ahead to speculate the shit out of things.

Wini-Gate brings up a few good questions which I would like you all to think about whilst I prepare a treatise on said subjects:


1.  Was Wini being out of line as a journalist by bloggin about the incident?

2.  Do Print Journalist Food Reviewists have too much power over the fate of/forming the public opinion of a restaurant?

3.  Is it wrong to turn away any customer when you are ready to close?

4.  How long will this controversy last?

5.  What will question 7 be?

6,  Will this new precedent set by Mr. Logsdon cause a revolt of restaurant owners against the Food Writing Establishiary?

7.  See question 5.

8.  What did Joe mean by “Grow up and have some kids”?

Those are but a few of the questions drawn from the vein of this recent controversy.  Stay tuned for more actual information.

We are also drawing near to the ONE YEAR BIRTH ANNIVERSARY of Locally Grown.  Beginning next week Locally Grown Classics revisited will begin to appear in your reader.  13 of what we feel are the classic posts which you should have read to understand the scope of what is going on in this sexy little moo moo of a blog.  Yes, the original “Critical of the Critics” to an exchange with shithead Pat Mearson to the introduction of my Editor and Cat, Bathory will be back with a special preface from either this cook or guest readers explaining why they enjoyed the post/what they learned about not wanting to read blogs from the post.

Until Tomorrow, keep Repping Local!

The Cook



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If you don’t want to seat a customer before your closing hours, you are probably better off putting up a “last seating at XX:XX” sign so that there is no doubt as to what the rules or etiquette are.

I feel he was within his rights to not ask to be reviewed if he was letting her in right before close. Some clarification on why he didn’t want to be reviewed would have probably been in order. If she wasn’t willing to accept his offer of dining after close without a review, I would have shown her the door as well.

Comment by steve Fuller

Fuller, gold star for you.

Comment by locallygrown

Talked to my two adult daughters about this. Daughter #2 (who is a reporter at the Register) pointed out that DD is a columnist, and they enjoy a little more freedom than news reporters. Daughter #1 chimes in, “Yeah. Well she she was stupid to arrive so late.” As usual, daughter #1 is right, and gets in the last word. 🙂

Comment by Stephanie

Agreed in full. We of the restaurant inside frown upon the “oh, you’re closed, well we will show up/leave when we feel like it crowd”

Comment by locallygrown

If a restaraunt posts a closing time of 8:00 does that mean you shouldn’t arrive and sit down after 8:00 or does that mean you should have eaten and be gone by 8:00?

Comment by Binx

I think it’s just a suggestion and that you should just show up whenever you feel appropriate, like 8:30 or ten. Then maybe write a bad yelp review when the restaurant that closes at 8 isn’t open at 9 when you felt like eating.

Wait, is this a trick question?

Comment by locallygrown

Nice deflection.

So does this mean that even you don’t know the standards by which closing times are made? It makes sense how the waters can get murky. That being said, I definitely try not to be an asshole about arriving late to a restaurant. And if I do end up late-ish, and they do decide to accomodate me, I give a bigger tip for sure.

Comment by maria

What? How do I not know the standards?

Comment by locallygrown

You do realize that my ten steps program is 80% snarky joke, yes? it’s supposed to be funny.

Comment by locallygrown

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