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Yesterday we, the general public, were “treated” to some opinion lists (not to be confused with Listzs) regarding the state of our Dining Scene as told by a person who was recently ejected from a local eatery for getting all “big britches” on the owner.

A graphic representation of the Big Britches vs. Reality Divide.

So this issue of the Thursday Entertainment Insert (which, IMNSHO, could use a new column written about the dining scene from the insider’s viewpoint…hint hint) which was coverly graced by DMZ’s new Chefular poster kitten, David Baruthia (Owner and Chef of Restaurant Of The Year According To The Datebook Diner, Baru 66), told the opinion of one person who eats in the DMZ.  The top restaurant section was for the most part spot on for the Anglo Angle, waving a haughty feathered boa in the direction of such local chefs as Chef Sean Wilson of Azalea, Chef/Owner Jason Simon of Alba, Chef Andrew Meek of Sbrocco (unsure of this one, I haven’t been to Sbrocco, The Meek Years), and previously mentioned “Datebook Man Of The French Cooking Year,” Chef Baruthia.  I question Fong’s inclusion, as the four star review recently, but again, this is basically ONE PERSON’S OPINION OF WHAT IS GOOD.  This is not a collective thought, although when called upon to name the top 100 spots in town (a frickin rediculous number, btw) the local poll participants really fudged things up.

What this person did was leave out any “ethnic” restaurants, aside from French of course, and name places where upper-middle-class-to-wealthy-caucasian-women between the ages of 25 and 50 would be likely to dine.

Before we go any further, the opinion represented in this article is a collaboration of more than a dozen people’s feedback regarding the issue.  I have left out the nasty bits.

That would be the demographic to which said reviewer belongs, and that group makes up a large part of the dining public.  I would actually like to see a real number statistic to support this, but Friday morning doesn’t have enough days in it to do any real polling research.

Speaking of time constraints, It is time to kick this out to your eye holes and put rubber to the snow.

I leave you with a playful parting list, as compiled through conversations with my fellow industry folk.(remember, we jus playin.)

The Top Restaurants Industry People Thought The Datebook Diner Would Pick

  1. Star Bar
  2. Baru 66
  3. Star Bar
  4. Star Bar
  5. Fong’s (many have speculated Fong’s was included as a Middle Finger the Fine
    Dining spots which were not listed)
  6. Star Bar
  7. Star Bar
  8. Star Bar
  9. La Mie
  10. The Greenwood (I think they have peanuts. That makes them a restaurant, right?)

Honorable Mention: Star Bar.


The Cook


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I just have to say, I *love* the big britches visual!

Comment by Stephanie


Comment by Phil K. James

Will the Dining ever cease?

Comment by STFUDONNY

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