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Holiday Wishes From Locally Grown
2010/12/25, 9:29 am
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As you may have heard, today is a particularly huge holiday for not only little kiddies wishing for stuff and adults wishing they could afford to provide those material goods, but for Peace, Love, Kindness, and Understanding.  In the spirit of those four things which are normally not found within imaginary interweb boundaries of this blog, I would like to give you a Christmas thank you from us to you.

Meowy Xmas from Bathory, Karaoke King and Editor Extraordinaire.

Bathory would like to send his wishes to the Datebook Diner, whom he feels has been a little mistreated this year; All of the various internet handles of our favorite commentatrix, Pat Mearson; All of the people responsible for the invention, production, packaging, and shipping of Nine Lives “Super Supper” cat food; Slow rodents; the members of the band Dahmer; All of those at NPR/IPR; and the rest of you out there who have competed against him in Karaoke around the world.


Hank The Chimp easily handles double checking lists with his poo-fling-proof computer

Our behind-the-scenes guy, Hank, would like to wish Christmas cheer to nothing.  It turns out he is an Atheist, Anarchist, Anti-capitalist Bananatarian.  He is currently in front of his improvised record player listening to Aus-Rotten and drinking femented banana mash.  He also mentioned that he would like to get fully loaded and party to the Blatz/Filth split lp.


And now for some wishes from the Cook.  I wish all of you, no matter your religious affiliation, sexual orientation, financial status, eating habits, a-hole level, etc, a happy holiday and great end cap to this shopping aisle called 2010.  It has been a fun year full of smack talk, lessons learned, and feedback from you tens of readers, and a year of great misinformation and bullhonkey from me.  I wish all of you (even the ones who I don’t really care for) success in your holiday celebration.

Now Mrs. The Cook is probably wondering what the hell I am doing hanging out in my Panic Room instead of helping in the entertainment of our guests.

Happy Holidays, and an even happier new year from Locally Grown

The Cook.


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