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Locally Grown News Worthy? Yes.
2011/01/11, 11:11 am
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Still Life With Fat Guy On Bike...courtesy Des Moines Register/Justin Hayworth


Mike Kilen of the Des Moines Register conducted an interview with your truly regarding my sick obsession with cycling in shit weather.  Mike had amazing timing and today the article ran on the front page in the midst of some shit weather.   Today, instead of writing my own words I would like to share the words of a pro writer who braved the barrage of coffee fueled random stories to come out victoriously articled.  Here is a link to the artice:

Link To Article

I would like to thank Mike Kilen and the Des Moines Register…and whom ever recommended my antics…for the write up.  Nice.

Also, the launch of Seitanic Feast (the new veg recipe site from your trusty cook) is pushed back one week.  Due to slow/lazy/computer problems/other excuses.

The Cook



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nice! very nice indeed.

Comment by kim west

this is great!! congrats on the write up.

you are crazy enough to fit in PERFECTLY in Portland, if you guys ever think of moving 🙂

Comment by spabettie

I almost did move to PDX before I met the mrs. I love it out there. I could ride to SF every fall….

Comment by locallygrown

I saw that on their website this morning and did not read it, but figured it was about you.

Comment by InthewaterDSM


Comment by locallygrown

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