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Correction Junction/Gusto Pizza Opening
2011/01/26, 7:28 am
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Any “news” source (and this term can be used VERY loosely for almost any information outlet these days) has its good and bad days.  Some days are spot on, others are full of hiccups and literary “nip slips,” but the mark of a true (not really) professional (huh?) publication is the ability to admit those mistakes and go the extra mile to print the correction/retraction and not move on to a distraction (ala certain talk radio hosts).

Locally Grown strives to provide you, the valued reader, with the correctest most correct information possible, but during our journey to local food/dining informational glory we too trip over a few roots in the path, much like other, more legitimate, news sources.

This week we tripped over the same root twice.  Whoops!  Now it is ticertain talk radio hostsme for a correction:

Gusto Pizza Co. (1905 Ingersoll Ave) will not be opening tomorrow, January 27th.  Gusto will be announcing their opening date via Twitter tonight.  Follow them (@GustoPizzaDM) for the announcement and further updates.

Sorry to you, and to the fine women and men of Gusto Pizza, for the confusion.

The Cook.


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