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Locally Grown Snow Day!
2011/02/02, 9:47 am
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If you are in the DMZ, you have woken up to a dismal disappointment of snow-ular dishitude.  While other cities such as Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and even Iowa City got there wish for a deliciously inconvenient snow day, Des Moines has been treated by Person Nature* as we have been treated by the Culinary World.  Poorly.

We had the Taco Trucks, I mean we still have Taco Trucks but the City Council sided with some a-holes who were hating on the TT scene so they are relegated to certain areas and regulated with a stealthy iron-ish fist.  That was one “blizzard” that passed us.  Taco Trucks were starting to gain momentum, but we all woke up one morning to a dissapointment.

We had Food Carts, of course we can still have food carts but the City Council deemed them too dangerous for consenting drunk adults to cross streets to purchase food from after the hour of 1:30 am.  Now those drunks (in the Court Ave District), if looking for something to “soak up the booze,” have to either go to Fong’s Pizza or Tommy Farrel’s Italian Beef OR drunkenly get into their cars and drive to Big Tomato, Los Laurales, Jimmy John’s, Perkins, or some other late night restaurant.  Now everyone is safer.  Food carts tried to pick up steam, but fell short due to the City Council.

I am not saying the City Council is responsible for the lack of snow.  In fact, they would probably regulate snow fall citing that it is too dangerous to cross the street when it is snowing or that snowball fights could escalate into riots.  You know, they are just looking out for your safety.

How does this all tie together?  I doesn’t.  But I tried.

What I am trying to say is this:  If you are reading this, you are probably a fan of eating food.  Or at the very least you have some masochistic need to subject yourself to lock groove food ranting.  If you are a member of the former group you have a right to stay informed as to what is happening to your food and within your dining scene.  If you pay close attention to the food scene these City Council rulings can be fought before they are put into action. Those hidden gems of the dining scene won’t be so hidden to your eyes and mouths.  You will see that the “food trends” you are reading about (like dining local and eating more vegetables) aren’t really trends and have been happening right under your palate.

I personally feel that the DMZ is over-saturated with bullshit in the form of Chain Restaurants, poorly constructed restrictive laws on when and where you can obtain food, and mis-guiding “best of” lists and tainted critic opinions.

What can you do about it?  Seek knowledge from many sources, be adventurous in your dining…um…adventures, and DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE.  Because if someone is limiting your culinary enjoyment, They must be on the pipe, right?

Enjoy your snow day.

The Cook

*in the spirit of equality NOT shown by the Iowa House this week, LG will from here on out (today) refer to “Mother Nature” as “Person Nature” signifying our belief that women and men are equally able to represent the personification of our planet. But maybe not Captain Planet.


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I completely agree with the fact that Des Moines shouldn’t have stunted the growth of food trucks and food carts. However, I must also bring up that no one that is passionate about the issue has really stepped up and attended Council meetings or tried to deal with the issue by working in the system. The City Council is a group of reasonable people that have done their best to try and work for the benefit of the City. I think that if we all would collectively show them why food carts and food trucks can be the seed for a burgeoning food scene then we could make some headway. I usually attend Council meetings, so if anyone would like to join me, I’d be more than happy to save a seat.

Comment by Alexander Grgurich

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