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It’s Been A Rough Week For Writing
2011/02/25, 1:41 am
Filed under: Personal

Like an unexpected bad weather front riding in a storm not unlike the contents of an over-flowing septic system, my week has been somewhat a shit storm of activities, both expected and unexpected. Ok, my week was nothing like an exploding septic tank, but it WAS full of events worth writing about but which kept me from the keys of my trusty thing on which I write this blog.  What am I saying here?  Yes, another freaking excuse.

This week I participated in cooking for two Blue Ribbon Bacon Fest events, I also had the good fortune to work in a restaurant which was nominated for 7 Cityview Best Of awards, and attended the awards banquet on Tuesday.  I had to work a couple other jobs, organize a benefit ride, do some commuting, and spend time thinking of and then writing this excuse.  Tomorrow I have a bicycle race to participate in, then Sunday I plan on writing my dissertation on why I deserved to not have to do anything on Sunday but write dissertations.  At least for this week.

I appreciate that the few of you left who considered reading these words were probably just loitering around your local convenience store perusing copies of weekly gossip mags or possibly frequenting the url’s of some other less entertaining and much less informative blogs waiting for your Cook to return. You only need wait for one or two more days.

Until then, I ask you a simple question: Would you rather be a part of creating something which causes a culinary stir, or part of the crowd it feeds?  Or the crowd which judges?

See you soon,

The Cook


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