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The Great (Complimentary) Bread Basket Controversy
2011/03/02, 5:18 pm
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The People Of America: do you really need bread within arm’s reach before looking at the menu to make your dining experience more enjoyable?  Does a restaurant only achieve the lofty goal of success and prosperity when they bring basket after basket of baked goodness…at no cost…and without the diners’ request?

To be continued…


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Of course I want my damn bread. Lots of it and I want it steaming warm, too; with butter in a silver dish, not in a foil wrapper. I want the whole thing covered up in a clean cloth napkin. Even Jesus agrees with me: “Give us our daily bread.” Or was that Jesús the escuelerie who said that? I don’t remember.

Oh, I want an Andes Mint on the way out. Not one of those damn red and white spiral hard candies. Turn away and don’t look whilst I grab five. And a toothpick. One for each of my three teeth.

Comment by distilledopinion

I can’t remember the last time I went out to dinner and bread was a good sign. To me bread means “eat this shitty stale bread, you will get so full you will ignore our pedestrian meals.” If I wanted bread before each meal I would keep some Wonder Bread in my purse.

Comment by Sarah Jane

My thoughts are in alliance with DistilledOption. However- I would add some parameters- you include rolls or bead if
1. If you are a Steakhouse or serve Italian.
2. If you serve a vegetable with the main dish.
3. Should be included with a salad.

Bring on the bread!

Comment by coryeats

Should be “Need. Moar. Breadz!!” to be sufficiently interwebz/nerdy, too.

Just saying.

I enjoy bread when it is good, and adds something to a meal. Sometimes, it’s just there like a requirement, and you can tell the establishment doesn’t care about it.

Also, wouldn’t the cost of this “free” bread be factored into the costs of running the business anyway?

Again, just sayin.

Comment by InthewaterDSM

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