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This Is The End (Of Locally Grown), My Tens…
2011/04/01, 6:53 am
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Well, oh faithful tens who have been so dilligently checking your RSS feed-type apparatus in hopes of some Cookular words from your favorite The Cook, it seems that our ride together has come to an end.  My month long sabbatical has culminated in an offer from a major news publishing company, which has enoyed the lack of negativity towards a certain collumnist in their partial employ, to permanently silence this sexy otter of a food blog. 

I can’t disclose much information regarding this hostile buyout, but I will say the payoff will net me a new pair of kitchen tongs and a month supply of tacos. 

I will miss you, Tens.  Remember to be good diners and to avoid being assholes to your restaurant professionals!


The Cook


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Wow! This is great news! I really look forward to seeing HEY, WAIT A MINUTE!


Comment by Nathaniel

April Fools! (Right??)

Comment by Tonya Wheeler

GEEZ, this was the first one that I fell for today!! 🙂

Comment by Kristina @ spabettie

I’ll miss these last 4 days I’ve spent wondering if you’re going to update… 🙂 See ya on the tweet-side

Comment by alisa_who


Good one, especially if you didn’t check this blog on the 1st.

But really, where the heck ya been?

Comment by InthewaterDSM

Hmmph…must have been serious to some degree.

Some sort of actual explanation would have been nice, sheesh.

Comment by InthewaterDSM

Never too serious!

Comment by locallygrown

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