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Locally Grown Is Back!
2011/04/15, 9:03 am
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Greetings, Tens!  Maybe I took the April Fool’s joke a little too far, or maybe I have just been busy riding around the state of Iowa in a state of weatherly bliss, but the Locally Grown mute button has been toggled to the “on” position for far too long.  But let’s not mourn the time we spent away from each other, instead let’s celebrate the return of the world’s most Meh food blogger the same way we would celebrate a newborn kitten’s first steps into the rest of its life.

Go get em, Kitten!

That’s right, with a cute picture of a kitten.  What a great way to celebrate anything.

So…what’s new around the DesMoinesZone?  TONS of things are happening, including everyone and their business partner attempting to jump into the food cart/truck business, the eating scene is still chock full of ignorant a-holes (even after the amazing advice offered by your lovely cook), A local chef took the pop-up concept from cool concept to City Target to restaurant-housed-within-another-restaurant, the James Beard Awards passed over all local entrants, the Downtown Farmers Market is creeping towards its 2011 debut, and the Earth took a few more revolutions towards its demise. But we can address that all on Monday.  Today I just wanted you all to know that I haven’t left you out in the cold.  At least not from here on out.

Don’t forget to Rep Local!

The Cook


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Yay Chef!! Welcome back!

Comment by Georgie

Woo Hoo!!!

Comment by Pesky

What? No kitten pic? I was promised fuzziness! What sort of self respecting blog toys with your soul by withholding kitten pics?
Also that pesky food stuff, which I look forward too.
Off to Consumerist where I can satisfy my feeling withdrawal.

Comment by Mipo777

Happy you’re back!

Comment by DesMoinesReport

THANK GOD YOU’RE BACK. I don’t know what I would have done without your comical…straight to the point….yet almost poetic posts.

Don’t ever pull that kind of April Fools joke again.


Comment by Katie

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