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DMZ Top Chef…Who Will Be Bottom?

Good afternoon, tens.  It seems that I have been cheating on you all with another blog, but you can go there and read the same nonsense with more of a taco flavor.

Yes, I went there.

Ok, so now that you are back from checking out Tacopocalypse.com, let’s get down to business.  I am going to say some things here that are going to please, offend, REALLY offend, and probably piss in the Cheerios of a few people around Our Fair City.  It’s OK, they drew first blood.

I am just so tired of all this first blood...

Today’s subject is the DSM Magazine Top Chef Challenge and all its wiles.  As was reported to me last month, and then subsequently BY me in the same month, I was almost certain to be selected as one of the three contestants in this inaugural challenge.  This is a fact I learned from an insider, and something I had suspected since all of you out there in the virtual world had casted your virtual actual votes for your favorite local chef and master blogginator.  I was a little shocked to find out after this shoddy assurance that I was in fact NOT going to be a part of the competition and that, in my opinion, maybe ONE of the actually chosen contestants had garnered enough of the internet vote to be a chosen.  I would be interested to see the break down of the voting in percentage.  I know that there were a reported 350 votes. Well, what the fuck ever.  Look at me being a bad sport.  Although this isn’t the first time this has happened (in high school, I ran unapposed for Junion Class VP and lost.  As an unapposed candidate.  The next year I ran for Student Body President against nine others, and I won)  What this tells me is that someone at DSM Magazine deemed me not worthy of competing against other chefs (no offense, guys, but I think I would have a pretty good shot against any of the three up there, especially against someone from the Embassy Club…sheesh)

Ok, you get the point.  I am a little miffed that even though I am sure that more than 75 people voted for me that I was not chosen.  Maybe Tacopocalypse just isn’t big enough to be recognized as a real entitiy.  Maybe I have an enemy at DSMM.  Maybe somehow Sean and Michael, extremely well known on the internet with thousands of followers managed to legitimately squeak by my thousands of contacts.  Maybe.

Now that I have all of that negative energy out of the way, I would like to say that Michael Bailey, Hal Jasa, and Sean Wilson are all deserving of being part of this competition.  I have worked along side Wilson for a few years, he is solid.  Jasa, also solid and shares the same affinity for Dolce & Gabbana eyewear as me.  Bailey, I don’t know him, but I imagine that years at the controls of a private dining club have rendered him a veritable master of the Beef Tenderloin/Demiglace combination.

I really don’t know where this is going.  I suppose this is just going to be one of those moments where I air out my bruised little taco of an ego and reap some wrath for the words at a later date.  Whatever.

Tens, thank you for your votes.  They may have been mis-counted, but they were all appreciated.  Even the ones with Hanging Chad Syndrome.

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Hang in there, Sam. Your food speaks for itself. Accolades and accomplishments mean very little to the flavor of your tacos.

Comment by iowacubs

Thank you, Phil.

Comment by locallygrown

Gotta agree with Phil, here. This seems like it ended up being a popularity contest rather than a selection based on skills / votes.

Comment by Inthewater

[…] time for a break the normal bitching emanating from this sexy otter of a blog.  You may remember my last post from this week where I was whining about not being chosen to take part in the DSM Magazine (or DMZ in our hearts […]

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