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It’s Explanation Time Once Again!
2011/07/17, 4:15 pm
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Hello, tens.  And by tens, I mean there may only be literally tens of you out there.  Way to lend some truth to a statement.  Anyway, I want the few of you left waiting patiently for some words from this Cook to know that this little critter of a blog is nowhere near the end of its run into the sun.

Little Critter

No, we  here at Locally Grown have not let out our last Local Groan about the dining scene for which you crave an insider’s view.  Here is a little explanation of what is keeping the most revered local lips pursed in silence:

Back a few months ago the Cook became the wearer of the Chef/Owner badge, which comes with many time consuming daily activities such as stressing out, focusing on your business, forgetting a lot of the extraneous shit people tell you that may be blog-worthy, and other such activities as trying to stay creative, marketing of the business, cooking, ordering, more stress.  All of this leaves very little time for telling you, the adored tens of readers how things are from behind the scenes and how stupid some of the local oh, whatever

we will be back probably sometime in the fall.  maybe.


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Good luck with the new Skywalk place. Excited to see what you do.

Comment by Inthewater

Thank you, I think it will rock.

Comment by locallygrown

Good food is more important than good food blogs.

Comment by Bob Robinson

Skywalk place? Best news about the downtown lunch scene I’ve heard in a long time. Hot damn. Tell me its true.

Comment by distilledopinion

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